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What the Preacher’s Wife Wore

Well, friends, here it is – the first clip of “What the Preacher’s Wife Wore.”  It may be the last, but I had fun putting it together.  Bear with me – the videos aren’t the best – they’re dark, jiggly, wiggly and all over the place!  But I hope it will provide you with a little inspiration for your wardrobe and maybe a laugh or two!  Let ‘er roll…

Some of the store/sites I mentioned were:

Cents of Style – Great deals – Friday’s they send out emails about special deals!

Talbots – I miss the Lexington, Ky outlet, but they have some good end of the season sales! I love the classic styles.  Their clothes are a great quality and last a long time!

TJMaxx – I love the things I find there!  You just never know what will be marked down for a super-duper price!

Ann Taylor – I love their outlets!  Great petite selections!

Dillards – Man, when they have a sale, you can get some great deals!

Charming Charlie – Love their sale racks! I’ve gotten clothes, shoes, purses, scarves and jewelry in their stores!

My pendant necklace with the “A” came from a local gift shop – The Gift Box – a sweet store full of fun finds!

Versatility in a wardrobe is important! If/when I do another video, I think I’ll take the pieces from this first movie and mix them up for different kinds of outfits.  Maaaaybe  What do you think?

Refresh your wardrobe!

P.S.  The last slide on my video says RefreshHer..com – of course there’s only one .  !



21 thoughts on “What the Preacher’s Wife Wore

  1. Loved it. So much class and modesty. Two things that that need to be taught along with life skills as well as parenting. Whew about to open a. An of worms their. I love your posts and you. God Bless You.


  2. You are indeed brave to do this!

    When I read your question about whether I would be interested in a post/video like this, I initially thought that I wouldn’t be. (Didn’t find time to leave a comment then.)

    But now that I see it, I’m impressed (you did a great job with this!) and I found the video informative and enjoyable to watch. Not sure I would necessarily want to view one every week because it could potentially edge out some of your other content, but maybe once a month. Great work — thanks!


    1. Ha, I don’t plan on doing one of these real often, but I do hope it will inspire and encourage others. There’s a method to my madness, and I’ll be explaining that one day this week. Thanks for your honest feedback!


  3. Mrs. C.,
    You are a class act! You always look posh and beautiful! I love your videos! I’ve been learning to dress nicer over the last year. And losing a few lbs has helped things fit better! 😊 Love ya, Marian


    1. Oh, you’re sweet; thanks for encouraging me in this little endeavor! You’re looking great, and I’m so proud of the goals you’ve set for yourself!! Great job!


  4. I finally had the time to watch this…and I loved it!!! You’re such an inspiration in every way possible 🙂 I’m thankful God has given you this outlet for your ministry to be an encouragement and inspiration to so many ladies…including me! 😉


  5. Very nice, Sis! I like your curls. In twin fashion, believe it or not, I have been wearing my hair very similar with the twirls. Nice to have another option to style my hair now that it is a little longer. Your outfits are cute…maybe I can borrow one!


    1. Thanks, Dianne. How funny that you’re curling your hair similarly! Send me a pic! Any outfit you want to borrow is yours – just bring one for me! Thanks for watching and commenting! I value your opinion!


  6. Thanks for sharing! I remember watching you when I was just a little girl. Your sense of style was (and still is) something I always wanted to emulate. It was nice to hear your sweet voice again!


    1. Hi Bethany! Imitation is the highest form of flattery they say, so thank you for your sweet comment. Thanks for stopping by to watch and comment. It still amazes me to see pictures of your sweet family and realize you’re all grown up! Yes, I feel old! 😉


  7. Thanks! I appreciate a chance to learn about fashion without having to slog through all the trashiness that is in many of the fashion magazines. A relief! The combination of blues is one I wouldn’t have thought of but totally works.


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