Mom Always Said That!


Recently I received a note from my mom referencing the recent event at The Wilds where the retreat had just taken place. At the end of her note was this verse:
III John 4

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

The verse made me smile, not only because of its truth, but also because that is “our verse.”  Years ago when I was single and seeking God’s will for my life, my mom sent me that verse to encourage me to follow the Lord. I did, and she indeed rejoiced with me. Over the years she has reminded me of that passage – it’s one of the many truths that she always said to me.

On this Mother’s Day weekend, I want to say that there’s no better gift that you can give your children than to encourage them to “walk in truth” and follow God’s will for their life, even though it may take them far away from you, which is exactly what happened in my life. I’ve never lived close to my parents, but they never lamented over that – they’ve only encouraged me. That freed me to obey my Heavenly Father! What a gift that is! 

Let your children go so they can serve Lord, then you can have the great joy of knowing they are walking inTruth!

Is there a statement from your mom that has stuck with you over the years? I’d love to hear what it is!

Stay refreshed,

8 thoughts on “Mom Always Said That!

  1. So many…mostly from Proverbs (other than “would you like a nice piece of fruit?” or “who would like to help with the drink station?”), but I think the one that comes to my mind most often is “Better is a little with the fear of the Lord than great revenues and trouble therewith.” Even though I’ve been studying Proverbs in the ESV for 10 years, I still hear that one in the KJV. 🙂 ❤


    1. Ha! Fruit and stations…too funny! I pray it’s God’s Word that does indeed stick in your heart and memory!
      But still, why not have some nice fruit? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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  2. I am more than humbled at the words you have written about me. I am so awed by all of my girls and the Mother, wives, and some Grandmothers, they have become. You have so many talents and special gifts to use and you do use them for the glory of the Lord. I am thanked daily for all the ways and times you all serve others and thus serve the Lord.


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