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My Favorite Things

Don’t you love it when you find something you’ve been searching for for a very long time?  I want to share with you  a couple of the items that had been on my search list and then one other fun item that is too good a deal not to share with you!

#1.  I had purchased an outdoor rug some yers ago for my front porch that was only about 3 x 5 and cost me $65 – which is steep in my book.  I really wanted to purchase a similar rug for my patio, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on it.  My sister put me onto Lowe’s patio furniture area that had huge outdoor rugs for $30!

I made my way to Lowe’s as quick as I learned about this.  Sure enough, there were several patterns and colors available and for only $30.  Here’s the one I came home with.  I’m loving it! I believe its size is 5×8.




#2.  White jewelry for summertime is so perfect, but I had a really difficult time finding white earrings that weren’t either too huge, or too small.  I was at Charming Charile’s on our vacation and came across their buy one get one free sale!  I found the perfect set  – a tassel necklace and matching earrings that were gold and WHITE!  Chances are if you see me two days in a row, one of those days I’ll be wearing this duo!


Do you own a tassel necklace?  I’m probably a bit behind the rage, but I’m glad I’m finally on board!  I love this one.

#3.  Lastly let me show you what I stumbled across at Big Lots this week.  I’m a gonner when it comes to pretty dishes.  I’ve really held myself back since we moved, but since we eat outside on the back porch so much I thought it would be nice to have some outdoor (unbreakable) plates.  TJ Maax had a turquoise set I loved but they were more than I wanted to pay.  Then when I ran into Big Lots for something else entirely I saw these for only $2.50 each.


I bought the lunch size and they’re also perfect for salad or dessert.  I got four and my have to go back for four more so I’ll have enough to use when we entertain outside.  They also had yellow, and I’m thinking I may do half and half. Pretty dishes can make even a simple meal more special!

So there you go!  Who else is on the quest for a special item?  I hope my recommendation helps someone with their search!

Stay refreshed,

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