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How To Have True Peace

The house is chaotic.  The grocery store is crazy.  Work is demanding and the traffic makes even your cup of coffee nervous.  Throw in the big city scene with all the violence, and you have many situations for a troubled heart.

Peace!  Where is peace?

As believers, our answers are all in God’s Word. Why would we even try to reason with all our chaos with the world’s phrases, techniques, masks or cliche’s?

First, let’s remember that Jesus said in this world we would have trouble!  That’s why He came.  We are desperate without Him.  Both Eternity and today are hopeless and lacking peace unless we come to Christ.  If you have no peace, could it be because you have never received Christ as your personal Savior?  He loves you and died to prove it!  His peace is yours when you come to Him for salvation from your sin.

Secondly, after we receive Christ as our Savior, we have peace with God and we can also have the peace of God. Philippians 4 reminds us in verses 6 and 7 that when we pray about our troubles, His peace, that passes all human understanding, will gird up our mind.

When we were having our new patio area done out back of our house, the guys put up supports all the way around the edge.  They said that if they didn’t do that, over time the bricks would move and the shape would not hold.  It was a step that was necessary to keep things looking good!  That’s what God’s peace does in our lives.  When we run to Him and trust every care to His keeping, our lives, our thinking and our emotions are all firmed up and He keeps our testimony as a Child of God looking beautiful!  Who believes that life in Christ is the best when they see us falling apart quicker than a brick building in an earthquake??! So if you have no peace, it may be because you’re not praying as much as you need to about those burdens in your life.

Lastly, we must seriously consider what’s in our mind.  Listen to Romans 8:6

For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

If you know Christ and you’re seriously praying about your burdens, yet still have no peace, consider your thoughts – on what are they landing? Are you saturating your mind with the things of this world? Do you spend more time thinking about television shows, media, texts, magazines, fashion and news reports than you do God’s Word? There is no substitute for biblical Truth!  You either know it and trust it and have God’s peace because of it, or your thoughts are earth-filled and troubled.


Recently while we were working with a group on our church’s bathroom remodel, one of the men came to help with touching up a small area of paint.  When he walked in he was holding a railing that he was going to install in the handicap stall.  As he painted with his right hand, his left hand was firmly gripping the unattached railing.  I asked, “Are you holding onto that thing so you won’t fall down?!”  He didn’t even realize he was holding onto it – much less that he was gripping it so tightly!

We all had a good laugh, but you know, it’s a great picture of what it looks like when we fill our mind with earthly thoughts.  We’re wondering why we have no support, but we’re more attached to the world than we are to God!  We are wobbly, woozy and weak!  Peace will come when we think and meditate on spiritual matters. You can’t help but have joy and rejoicing when you do that!  Find a passage of Scripture to memorize.  Study a passage; dig and write notes about what you learn.  Listen to podcasts of preaching, or a CD of music that will turn your thoughts upward!

So, if you’re realizing that you could really use some peace, wisely consider:

  1. Is Christ my Savior because I’ve received Him as the sacrifice for my sin?
  2. Am I praying more than I am worrying about my cares?
  3. Do I have a greater spiritual mind than I do a carnal one?

These are the three ways to have real genuine peace in your heart!  And you know what?  When you have God’s peace NO ONE can take it from you!

Enjoy the peace that only God can give and

stay refreshed,

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