A Peek At My Week

Happy Wednesday!  Ever have a week where you can’t remember what day it is?  We made a trip to Ohio to be with dear church members while she had surgery and her husband stood sweetly by her side to care for her and her every need.  We are thankful to be able to be with our flock and encourage them at times when they are hurting!  We left on Sunday afternoon, so it kind of messed up my mind with figuring out what day it was!  However, thank the Lord, she made it through surgery and we are now home.

In typical fashion, my husband took time for us to add a little adventure to the hospital trip.  After leaving the hospital Monday evening, he drove me all around downtown Cleveland.  We saw some pretty sights!



Last Friday I told you we had some exciting plans for the weekend.  If you also read my daughter, Whitney’s blog, you already know that she and Alli planned a 35th anniversary party for my husband and me!  Our anniversary is on the 20th, so this was a little over a week before the big day. Nothing like getting to celebrate for a week and a half!   All we knew about the event was

  1. We were to have our calendar cleared for that day.
  2. We were going to dinner at an Italian restaurant nearby.
  3. My parents and sister and brother-in-law were staying that night with us.

The evening was SO special!  There were about 30 people who attended – just a small group of family and friends.  Alli and Whitney did a GREAT job finding a perfect location, decorating, organizing and making it a really special evening to honor us.  I’m sending you to Whitney’s blog so you can see her good pics.  I’ll add a few I took, but you’ll see more details on Home for Comfort.

It was a little dim in the restaurant, so my pics aren’t the best, but here are a few from the dinner:

I caught Whitney mid-sentence, but only wanted to snap one quick picture so I wouldn’t distract her!  Sorry, Whitney!
whitney a

The girls both shared their gratitude for our marriage and the impact it had on them.  Wow.  What a reminder that your children are watching – even while they are young.  The parents’ love for each other gives security to them and provides the atmosphere of biblical

alli a

love.  It meant so much to hear from them.  Our marriage was not perfect, of course, but we were committed to it – no matter what.  There are a hundred reasons why I’m glad we were, but hearing our daughters share how it impacted them, made me realize that they are two of the best reasons to choose to do right.

I’m so thankful for my twin sister and her husband going out of their way to bring my parents.  Here’s a great picture of my dad with Whitney and Alli.
papa a

After the dinner party our family came back to our home to sit out back near the fire pit, roast marshmallows and visit.  What a fun time that was!

fire pit

The next morning  we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast before they had to leave to head back to Kentucky.  I hated to see them go, but so happy they could be with us for this special event!  I love this picture:

mom and dada


Lunch with our girls and their hubbies ended the weekend and its festivities.

Dale and girls.jpg

Last weekend was memorable, special, and sentimental.  But you know, each day is important – whether you’re making an adventure out of a hospital visit or celebrating a monumentous anniversary.  What are you doing to make today special?

With love,

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