Celebrating With Our Favorites

If you’re planning a special anniversary or birthday it’s a great idea to first come up with a theme.  The theme for our day of celebrating our 35th was, “Our Favorite Things.”  Our day was full and overflowing with just that!  Let me tell you about it and share a few pictures.

I  am blessed to have a husband who is a romantic at heart.  He loves to surprise me with thoughtful and romantic rendezvous!  He is the best at planning fantastic events to create memories for special days.  Even after 35 years he still comes up with ideas and trips that blow me away!  Our 35th anniversary was no exception!

We decided that we’d just like to go away for the day and come home that night.  Beautiful places to stay the night are great, but when you love home as much as we do, you don’t care about spending a fortune on the luxury you don’t feel you need. Home is our favorite place, so with that much being decided, we planned to have a really special supper out in the evening in a favorite nearby city – Asheville.

We started out from home before 10:00 in the morning and headed to Wheeler’s Bagels for breakfast.  We ate at a table outside – which is our favorite thing to do!

From there we headed towards Asheville.  We went to another favorite place – Grove Park Inn and went inside the inn and simply  sat and enjoyed the view and enjoyed time to chat and relax.

Next came the Biltmore Gardens.   We sat in the shade on a favorite bench and were amazed at the quiet and the beauty.

PicMonkey Collage 35th.jpg

Late in the afternoon, we changed into our dinner clothes and made our way to the Inn at Biltmore where we would enjoy a scrumptious meal!


I wish I could describe our meal, but it was all so unique, I’ll just sum it up by saying, there was nothing we didn’t love about it!  We each chose different items for each of the three courses, so we could sample one another’s choice!  The salad pictured above was the chef’s take on the Caesar Salad – really different, but it was outstanding!

The dessert I chose was Raspberry Lemon and Mint – there was a shortbread cookie, lemon curd, sponge cake, Raspberry sorbet and blackberries and fresh mint.  I couldn’t finish it, but it was heavenly.

Anniversary dessert a

Through the day we also shared favorite memories, using 35 words I’d written down. Oh, to think back on our 35 years and the wonderful times we’ve shared.  We also talked about some hard things, and how the Lord brought us through those as well.

It was a day of tears, laughter, remembering and creating new memories at all of our favorite places, enjoying all of our favorite things – the greatest being time together!

If you could use a theme for your next special date with your spouse, what theme would you choose?

Thanks for coming by to read and share in our celebration!

With love,

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