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Don’t Wander

Look what I found in a bedroom window one spring…

I’m referring only to the nest.  The empty egg was found in the backyard.  This nest was abandoned.  Never did I see the momma that build it.  There are all kinds of interesting things in this nest – mud, twigs, even a piece of scotch tape!  The builder of this nest did some work to gather items to build a home for her little family.  I wonder what happened to her and her babies?
A read a verse in Proverbs 27:8 that the Lord spoke to my heart about yesterday.  It said,
As a bird that wandereth from her nest, so is a (wo)man that wandereth from his (her) place.
A bird that flies off and hops from bough to bough is exposed and unsafe.  A person who consistently wanders instead of staying home is also leaving their nest unprotected.  Matthew Henry said about this verse:

Those that love to be abroad leave their work at home undone. Let every man therefore, in the calling wherein he is called, therein abide, therein abide with God.

What about your little nest?  Are the eggs (your children) under your watchful eye, your listening ear, your teaching tongue?  They will do best that have their momma there to love and care for them, rather than frequently flying to be somewhere else. Even if you have your children with you, if you’re constantly on the run, it makes teaching much more difficult.

A nest is a secure place in which to consistently gather your brood.  Don’t abandon the nest; it’s God’s gift.   It’s a thought to ponder.

With love,

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