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No-Sew Pillow Cover

Watch the video below to :

  1. See a simple no-sewBolster Pillow cover that I made recently.
  2. See the coolest (as in temperature) way to wear a scarf in summertime
  3. Hear about a fun activity I’m participating in this weekend!


Here’s the tutorial about how to braid a scarf.

Check out my finished pillows in the picture below:


The fashion show in Jonesborough is on the back patio of Type A, 123 Main Street, Jonesborough.  If you’re not busy come over and see the cute things that will be modeled.  It’s free and it will be so much fun! It starts at 11:00.  Amber, who owns Type A will also be talking about Closet organization – something most everyone needs a little more of!  Come early so you can get a seat!

Stay refreshed,

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