Two Important Traits in Friendship


A ten year-old girl headed to camp recently and told her mom she was praying for a friend – one  who “would be like iron-sharpens-iron, and likes to have fun, too.”

There is so much wisdom in that prayer! It made me take a step back and wonder if I am that kind of friend!  How about you?

  1. Do you seek to sharpen your friends spiritually?
    • Ask how you can pray for your friend.
    • Check back and see if/how God has answered their request.
    • Hold them accountable with
      • marriage issues
      • Bible memorization
      • church attendance
      • opportunities to share the Gospel
      • their quiet time
  2. Seek to meet their needs, rather  than waiting for them to meet yours.
    • Provide encouragement, support, or practical help.
    • Send a card or text that will do the above.
    • Provide food, or financially as you are able.
  3. Have fun!
    • Find the laughter in a situation. Help your friend to see the humor in what she’s dealing with.
    • Initiate a fun outing with your friend – a meal out, shopping a movie, time at your house doing something you both enjoy like crafting or cooking.
    • Celebrate her!  Remember her birthday, anniversary or special events in her life.
    • Don’t be a “Negative Nilly.”  If you only share the ugly, hard stuff in your life, people will run when they see you coming.  Mind you that doesn’t mean you can’t share your burdens, just make sure you balance it with praises!

So whether you’re looking for a friend or checking out your own attributes as a friend, remember that sharpening others and being fun will go a long way in creating a friendship that will last long after camp is over!

Thanks for reading today, Friend!

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