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Dealing with the Storm


Yesterday the Jeep had just been pulled inside the garage and the groceries delivered to the kitchen when I looked out the kitchen window and saw a storm brewing.  The angry clouds were followed by huge pieces of hail bouncing onto the roof, windows and sidewalk, making me feel like I was inside a popcorn machine with hot kernels.  Then as quickly as it came, the storm was gone, leaving soggy grass and misplaced mulch as a reminder that it had indeed come.


As I looked out the window at the now blue skies, I thought of how often my emotions can do the very same thing.  In an instant, I can go from “sunny skies” to torrential rains!  Sometimes it’s an accumulation of dark clouds that descend and eventually bring the emotions, the tears, the discouragement to my heart.

I obviously have no control over the weather, but there are things I can do to calm the storms that touch down in my heart!  During the thunderstorm, I did what I could to be safe – I stayed inside, I closed the door, I kept on the alert.  There are things we can do during an emotional storm as well and I’ve made a list to review when I see the dark clouds gathering around my heart.  I hope this will encourage you, too!

Dealing with Emotional Storms

  • Spend longer periods of time in God’s Word (especially the Psalms).
  • Look up Scripture about my particular issue and journal my findings.
  • Talk to the Lord about my burden more than I talk with others about it.
  • Get to church services to hear how God will encourage me through the Word of God being preached.
  • Don’t isolate myself – Spend time with people who will encourage me.
  • Reach out to someone who I know will give me biblical counsel.
  • Ask people to pray for me.
  • Listen to uplifting music that will turn my thoughts to Christ.
  • If I’m able, get out of the house and go do something rather than sit and dwell on my storm.
  • Turn off television – especially shows that are on the negative side – reality shows, crime reports, etc.  Not that you can’t be informed about current events, but don’t watch it if it discourages you!
  • Work on memorizing Scripture concerning my storm.

If you have dark clouds gathering around you, protect yourself from real, destructive damage by taking action.  Just behind the clouds, the Lord wants to warm your heart with His sunshine and encouragement.

Refresh your heart in your storm!

What do you do when your heart is discouraged?




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