The Alarm System

A thought to reconsider today…


Recently I was sitting outside on a bench of a shopping area waiting on my family. It was relatively quiet until all of the sudden a car alarm began to blare, blast, and blow. This alarm was different than others I have heard. It didn’t just go, “HONK, HONK, HONK!” The alarm gave several different kinds of honks with the horn, then it would change and do something altogether different. In between the types of honking sounds it would give four gentle taps with the horn. I half expected a marching band to come parading out of the back seat!

I got up soon after it began to look at the car from the sidewalk, but didn’t see any action around the car that was carrying on so. I expected I’d see a whole band of gangsters prying the doors and windows open with all the racket the car was…

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