Inside the Sabbatical – Part 3

This week I’ve been meditating on Mark 66:31 –

And He said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while, for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat.

I’ve been finishing my preparations for speaking at a Pastor’s wives retreat in late September and this is the theme verse for our time together.  When I chose that verse, I had no idea that the Lord would be giving us a 31-day sabbatical; a time to come apart into a desert place to rest.  How good is our God?  I’ve been studying this passage – why Jesus took his disciples away and why we, too, need to find a place to rest.  It’s been a blessing to study and also to practice!

Week Two of our Sabbatical has been a blessing as we’re now in “rest” mode.  It took the first week for my husband to be able to release everything and let his heart, mind and body rest.  So, as we entered this new week, we were geared down to make the most of this time.

Let me share some snapshots of what this second week has looked like.  Ready to step inside the sabbatical?  Here we go…

First let me give you a view of some of the beautiful creation we have seen.

All of these pictures are from day trips within an hour and a half of our home.


Here are some of the places where we’ve spent some time –

We spent one day in Boone, NC.  All the pictures below on the left side are in Boone.  We enjoyed Daniel Boone Inn, where we had a fabulous feast!  We loved walking through Cornerstone Book Store – the biggest Christian bookstore (and the best) I’ve ever been to!  We also went to Mast General Store in Boone where I saw this stamp machine.  I love that store; it’s full of memories!


The top right picture is our back porch.  We’ve spent LOTS of time out there.  It’s been a quiet, lovely place to study.  We also eat our meals out there, and one night we enjoyed sitting out there with the soft lights on, watching a movie on my tablet while munching on popcorn.  I call it our “Swing-in Movie!”

Last weekend we attended a wedding near where our daughter and son-in-law live, so we had the fun of staying with them.  We got to walk downtown Greenville and see the gorgeous sites including the Reedy River Bridge.  We went to church with them at their church Sunday morning and heard a great message from Psalm 91 – one of my favoriite psalms.

After church we had a scrumptuous meal at Whitney’s table.  Her husband had to head to work after the service, so wasn’t able to enjoy the meal with us.  However, to be able to be with them on a Sunday and attend their church was a special blessing.

Now for some pictures of what we’ve been doing:


Studying, reading, swinging, drinking iced coffee and resting.  =)


From left to right – I’ve been…Coloring cute Bible pictures (I know I’m on sabbatical when I take time to color!), making a seat belt “cover” to keep the seatbelt off my neck, making homemade tortillas and cooking them on the grill, walking in the morning (look at the color of that leaf!  I’m ignoring any sign of fall!!!), enjoying being with my husband on these delightful days, and canning peaches!

That’s not everything, of course, but that gives you a really good peek inside our sabbatical this week!

Now, tell me, when you have time to rest, what do you enjoy doing?

Stay refreshed,

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