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He’s On Our Team!

During the Olympic games we watch for those stars and stripes-studded athletes.  We cheer them on because, after all, they belong to us!  They’re Americans and so are we!  When Katie Ledecky won her swimming gold medals we cry out, “We won!”  She’s on our team, so she made each U.S. citizen a winner!

Psalm 48:14 says,

This God is our God for ever and ever; He will be our guide even unto death.

This God – the God of the universe, the God of might, the God Who answers prayer, the God Who saves and redeems us, the God who loves and forgives, and yes, the God who will care for us even up through the moment of our death – He isn’t just A God, no, He is our God!  He created us to have a relationship with Him.  We don’t have to point down to the Olympic pool and say, “See, there He is!”  No, He is near.  He is present.  He is walking with us, involved in our lives, talking to us.  He is our God.

Have you drawn near to Him today and acknowledged His presence?  Have you picked up His autograph (His Word) and treasured it in your heart today?

We can be even more “proud” that this God is our God than that an olympic winner is on our team.  One day their medals will fade and their glory will wane, but this God is for ever and ever!!  He will be ours that long, too!

Happy Monday!

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