Fall Home Decor

Wow, we’re only about a week away from the official date for fall to begin.  I have a busy schedule of things going on in my life in the next couple of weeks, so I brought out a few fall decor items this week to get a little jump on things.

Let’s face it, fall is an amazing season.  Though I have a real love for summer, fall would come in a close second.  I was glad to see these items adding their charm to my home!

Let me show you the few touches I’ve added so far:

Here’s the fireplace wall ~

I’m going light on fall decor in here.  A pumpkin, the fall colored paper decor and the lights on the mirror was all I added.


Beside the fireplace I hung a picture and a framed print-out I found on Pinterest of, “The Ultimate Guide For the Best Fall Ever.”  It has some cute ideas.

Here’s the foyer – where I really added the biggest display.


A closer look:

That Susan Branch book is one of my favorites that she’s done!  It’s full of beautiful fall drawings and fun ideas!  The fabric pumpkin was a craft I did at a ladies’ retreat in California last October.  I love it!


The silver pumpkin below was last year’s end of the season deal.  I’d forgotten about that and it was fun pulling that out!


A little touch on my kitchen counter ~


In my dining room I placed my chalkboard on an easel and wrote a greeting:


That’s it for now!

Who else has decorated for fall?

With love from my country home,

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