Calming a Marital Storm

Back to back.  That’s how most couples sleep who have had a disagreement.  Don’t you hate it when the devil slides in a blow that causes discord between you and your spouse?  It happens at my house, too, because there are two sinners living together that fight their flesh and the devil every day.

I hate to bring this up, but did you read my recent post about my not-so-sweet words that I spoke to my husband?  Immediately after that happened, I apologized because I saw in his eyes the pain it brought to  his heart.  I knew I was wrong.  He acknowledged my apology, but things didn’t seem right.  We were sitting in a restaurant at a small table.  It was at that moment that the Lord brought to my mind something we had read in our couples’ devotional recently.  It suggested that when you’re having any kind of disagreement, one spouse should reach out and initiate you holding hands – both hands.

Image result for married couple holding hands across the table

So, I reached across the table with outstretched palms as an invitation to hold his hands.  We clasped our fingers together, looking eye to eye.  It did something.  It brought us back together as one.  It calmed the storm.  It unified us once again.

God had prepared me for that moment, and it changed the situation.  I later made sure that I apologized for being disrespectful to him and I also asked my Heavenly Father’s forgiveness.  Things were right, but it really started with one literally reaching out to the other.

The next time there’s an issue between you and your mate, I’d encourage you to initiate holding both his hands in yours and looking him straight into the eye with a loving heart.  Someone has to be the first to reach out.  Why don’t you make it YOU?

Refresh your marriage,

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7 thoughts on “Calming a Marital Storm

  1. Denise,
    Thank you for your honesty. That alone is a huge encouragement to my heart. Your willingness to be transparent and share your own struggles is definitely being used by the Lord in my own life and doubtless in the lives of others as well.


    1. There is no perfect marriage when two sinners live together. We do indeed struggle…just like every other couple. I’m not proud of my attitudes and sinfulness, but I’m so happy to share that there is grace to cover it!
      Thanks for your sweet encouragement to me! I’m praying for you as I reply to your comment!


  2. Thank you for this… A great reminder that it only takes one to take the step to bring JOY and oneness back. It may not be the big trials that seem to drive a wedge, but the simple every days that we tend to overlook. With my big crew and busy, busy days I can tend to wear my feelings on my shoulder and forget that God is longing for me to lean on Him… He is refining me day by day! Thank you for sharing your heart❤️


    1. What a sweet attitude, April. Thanks for sharing. Refining isn’t fun, but even in our marriage refining we can showcase the Gospel to a watching world! Thanks for commenting today and encouraging my heart!


  3. Friend, I remembered this post recently and had to do the same thing of reaching my hand out to my husband after some ugly words that I spoke. I am thankful that marriage is made up of two good forgivers. 🙂 Thank you for your encouraging post as I am a new wife! I appreciate it so much! 🙂


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