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Friday Favorites -My Old Kentucky Home

Who doesn’t love a marker birthday celebration that includes a destination gathering, a train ride, family time, delicious food and shopping? All that encapsulated last weekend for us! We celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday a few months early, since January is typically icy and cold. What fun we had!

We rode the Kentucky dinner train in Bardstown, Kentucky. Afterwards we shopped in the adorable downtown. Below you’ll see the whole trip.

All aboard!!!!

The drive from my parent’s home to Bardstown had lots of beauty – a castle, a bridge PAINTED on the side of a building, and of course, the horse farms!


I love my parents dearly, and these pictures show how special they are, and how much they love each other.  My mom does NOT look 80, and my dad is so handsome in his blue jeans and jacket!  If parents could get the “cutest couple award” they would win in my book!


The food was very good!  I had the Kentucky Hot Brown and Kentucky Derby Pie (it seemed like the obvious choice when riding My Old KY Dinner Train!).  My husband said he definitely made the right choice with the Pot Roast dinner.



The folks doing the dinner graciously adorned my mom’s Apple Dumpling with a candle so we could sing to her!  I love this shot of her blowing out her candle.

My husband and I ate with my sister, Sharee and her husband and enjoyed time to visit as we journeyed down the track and ate lunch.  My twin and her husband were at my parent’s table, but we were just across the aisle, so visiting with them was no problem!

161020_073609_collage-1.jpgThis is in downtown Bardstown – a city named one of the South’s best small towns by Southern Living Magazine!  One boutique, Shaq and Coco was so much fun to shop in!  I found a pair of $125 boots for $25!    The whole downtown was quaint and inviting!161020_073835_collage-1.jpg

When we left Kentucky and headed home, we had all kinds of gorgeous views as you’ll see below.  We even saw an outdoor wedding taking place!  We had all kinds of fun making our way home – turning up country roads just “to see what’s back there!”


Before we moved to Tennessee nearly 16 years ago, I wanted to move back to Kentucky so badly.  The central area is just so beautiful.  But I am happy as can be where we are and I still get to go visit often and enjoy all the beauty and southern charm of Kentucky.  The best part is that my family lives there, so it will always be “My Old Kentucky Home.”

This weekend is another kind of celebration and we’re gearing up in a big way!  I’ll tell you about it next week!  In the meantime, tell me what you did last week that was memorable and refreshing to you!

Stay refreshed,



2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites -My Old Kentucky Home

  1. What a lovely description of our day going to My Old Kentucky Home dinner train. It was truly a fun day and thanks for reliving it in your blog


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