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(L)Oven Monday – Cutie Pies!

Okay, so the title for these recipe Monday’s came into my head last week when I was writing my  husband a note about his breakfast being in the (L)oven! You do get it, right, or is it just my crazy mind?  I love to bake and cook, so I thought an appropriate title would be “(L)Oven Monday”  =)  My mind works words over like that.  You can vote yes or no at the end of this post!

Anyway, while I was in the kitchen last week getting ready for my Apples of Gold ladies to come, I came across the adorable idea of baking pies in Mason Jar lids. How genius is that?

mason jar pie.jpg

They make individual pies that are so stinking cute!  It’s the perfect size and they are so easy to put together.  It’s much less intimidating to  make a three-inch crust than an eight or ten inch one!  You could make any number of fillings, of course.  I made apple and Kentucky Derby pies with mine.

Here’s the Derby pie getting ready for the oven.  How good does this look…


Here’s the baked pie…


The Mason jar lids make a little spring form pan!  After they’re baked, you simply push up on the bottom of the lid and they pop right out.  Like I said – GENIUS!

Here’s a picture tutorial on how I made them:

My Pampered Chef Crimper is a little larger than the lid, which is what you want.  Find a bowl or glass that’s about a half inch bigger than the lids and cut circles in your crust.  I made mine, but you could also purchase dough.


I sprayed the lids with cooking spray to ensure they’d pop out easily.  Don’t over-fill the pie – two or three tablespoons of filling will do, especially if you top it with crumb topping or dough.  I also sprinkle sugar over the crust to make it pretty and delicious!

These would be great for Thanksgiving!  No need to slice pie!  Everyone can help themselves to their own individual pie.  Pumpkin, apple, peach – whatever kind you want – just portion the filling into the crusts.

I made up extras and put them in the freezer.  All I have to do is take it out and bake it when I need a dessert.  I also freeze my large pie crusts in Ziploc bags.


I cover the crust with Syran wrap, then put it into the freezer bags.

I hope you’ll make up a whole bunch of these Cutie Pies for your Thanksgiving dinner.  I think everyone will be talking about them and copying your idea!!!  Bake up a cute little treat from your (L)oven!

What do you think…do you like”(L)Oven Monday” for these Monday posts?  Or is it like, Huh???????????????????????

With love from my country kitchen,

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11 thoughts on “(L)Oven Monday – Cutie Pies!

  1. I love how easy they are to store and to serve. No need to bake a whole pie for just 2-4 people.

    This seems like a great way to help children learn to make pies. They can just prepare 1 apple instead of 8. I’m sure my cutie pies will be (L)oven them! 😀


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