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What’s Inside my OCC Box?

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I have heard for many years about the boxes sent to children at Christmas time, but never knew how I could get involved.  However, this year my church provided all the information, as well as the boxes, so that we could join in on this great outreach.

I learned that you can choose the gender and the age range of the child for whom you send a box.  I chose a girl between 5-9 and I had so much fun purchasing items to fill our box to the brim!  I thought you might enjoy seeing what we put in our box.


  1.  A “”Wow” item as they call it – A soft doll
  2. Stuffed bear
  3. Personal items –
    1. Hello Kitty Toothbrush with cover
    2. Toothpaste
    3. Combs
    4. Head bands and pony tail bands
  4. Fun item – Coloring book and crayons
  5. Sun glasses
  6. Holiday erasers
  7. Kleenexes

Now that I know what they allow and don’t allow, I can purchase items throughout the year and be a little more prepared next Christmas.  The boxes are being collected this coming Sunday.  I understand that Hobby Lobby is also participating in this.  You may still be able to purchase a clear box from them if you can’t get your hands on a OCC provided box.

The best thing about these boxes is that each child will hear the Gospel and then have an opportunity for follow-up discipleship classes.  It’s not just a good deed – it’s a chance to share the Good News!  There’s no better gift than that!

Who else is participating?  What did you include in your box?

Let’s send the Good news!

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15 thoughts on “What’s Inside my OCC Box?

  1. Our church participates in OCC too 🙂 I am doing a box for a boy, ages 10-14. I’m still working on my box – hoping to squeeze as much fun stuff in as I can! I love to think of these children being impacted by the love of Jesus.


  2. I guess my comment seems to have disappeared. Trying again! Yes, I’ve packed shoe boxes in the past and again last year. Such a worthwhile project! I have my boxes nearly filled and am just making a couple of simple, soft stuffed animals (owls) to put in as the “wow” item. In my previous comment I’d listed down most of the items I’ve included, but can’t take time to list them again. A lot of the same things you’re using. One thing kids always enjoy are those shaped washcloths (buy at Dollar Tree and maybe Walmart too) that magically turn into washcloths in water.

    I’d set a few things aside for the shoeboxes in the past few months, but planning for them year round is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. We’ve done them several times in the past. We did 2 10-14 boy boxes, since we have a 10 year old boy, but also after reading that it is the least provided box.
    After reading a few blog posts (some from people in the countries they are distributed in), we chose some different things than normal. One box has a water bottle, bowl, silverware & then the toiletries, school supplies & a couple small toys. The other box had tools (a hammer, screwdriver & tape measure) and a t-shirt, plus some school supplies, toiletries & a couple small toys.
    We’ve prayed for our boxes every day, that the boy who needs those things will get our boxes.

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    1. What great ideas for boys! I would never have thought of tools … guess I didn’t think sharp items like screwdrivers would be allowed. But your ideas are wonderful and I didn’t realize that this age and gender are the most-needed boxes. Guess I will have to do at least one boy’s box next year! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. This is my 1st year to do this and found it hard to get everything in the box. I’ve been out shopping today for a girl 5-9. I have most of the same things that Denise mentioned. My baby doll came with a “milk bottle”, sippee cup her own little pet frog. She’s soft and flexible to fit inside the box. It was a labor of love and I pray for the recipient to be saved when the gospel is presented.


  5. Denise, OCC shoeboxes are my absolute favorite ministry. The boxes bless the child, his family, his friends, & some even create churches! I include our address with our picture. I have gotten 2 thank you letters over the yrs. Giving surely is more blessed.
    Don’t forget to place soap bars in ziplock bags. Merry Shoeboxes! Julie ♡♡♡

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  6. We let our Trail Life boys pack boxes tonight. We aimed for filling 12 boxes but we had enough donations that we ended up filling 21 boxes (for boys and girls). The Trailmen were so excited to write notes to the kids who will receive the boxes and to show God’s love to other kids their ages around the world! This is our first time participating in this ministry. I plan to collect items for this in the coming year so we will be better prepared next year. Next year we will plan to do more boxes for the older age boys and girls!


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