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Monday Marriage Matters November Recap

Another month of Marriage pictures and posts are now behind us.  This is my weekly attempt to intentionally pour into my marriage, because my marriage matters to God, and it must matter to me, too.

I’ll describe the pictures from left to right.


  1.  It is essential for every couple in every stage of their marriage to take time to take inventory of their relationship. We attended a couple’s conference last week to do just that even though we were busy and maybe didn’t really have the time to do it. We needed it and it was a blessing!
  2. Dale captured this picture when we were home visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. After 62 years of marriage, they are still tender and affectionate with one another. I see my husband watching. and observing their relationship and emulating what he sees. I am thankful for the example and the challenge to make our marriage even better in the second half.
  3.  I’ve heard people say that a happy marriage is made up of two forgivers. Humbling myself to say, “I’m sorry for being selfish” is a difficult position, but a necessary one. I’m Thankful for a forgiving God and a gracious husband. My marriage is more important than my pride.
  4. This picture just makes me laugh!! When people see how crazy this guy is, they assume that our lives are constantly filled with nothing but laughter and knee-slapping moments. That’s very far from the truth, of course, and life is filled with all the trials and struggles that everyone else faces. But I am thankful that there are times of laughter that make the hard times easier to face and that we get to share those moments together.
  5. Holding hands and praying is one of the BIG reasons we have a happy marriage. We both know how desperate we are for the Lord’s help. We cannot be what we ought to be unless we cry out for God’s intervention. I’m so thankful for a husband who takes me to the Throne of Grace over and over again!

Even if you’re not posting pictures of what you do to pour into your marriage, I trust that you’re making  intentional efforts to make your marriage better every day.  If you put it on auto pilot, you will end up in a place you don’t ever want to be!

What have you done today to show your mate that your marriage matters?

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