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Pre-Spring Coffee Table Decor

Just a few pictures for today’s post about Pre-spring decor…

How can you get your house a little ready for spring?  It’s too early for tulips or bunny rabbits, but you have to change the decor from Valentine’s Day, right?

  1. First, go through the house looking for all the traces of hearts (or evergreen still lingering from Christmas!).  I used to leave my snowmen out for the winter months, but if you have any out they could be removed, if you’re wanting to prep your home for spring that will come!
  2. Find any florals you have that are greens.  These will work great!
  3. Look for colorful additions you could put out in the form of vases, candles, or even magazines.

Here’s my attempt at a little pre-spring decoration for the coffee tables…

I love the colors of the jars, and they add enough touch of a spring colored sky!
Scrabble tiles are always a way to speak your heart!  The little bird in its cage is a perfect addition to the phrase!


My family room coffee table – I like to add old magazines that I’ve saved.  I can flip through and get inspiration for when it is time to get out all things spring!


A candle that has a spring fragrance makes the house smell like spring, even if you still have snow outside!
Silk herbs are a great in-between seasons floral!

There are a few ideas for you.  I’m going to be adding a wreath on the front door soon that will help anticipate birds and daffodils!  Is that a robin outside my window?!  Woohoo!

Anyone else waiting for spring?


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