Taking a Week Off


Happy Monday, everyone!  Wow!  I had a wonderful weekend full of fellowship, old friends, new friends, family time, teaching from God’s Word, and lots of fun and laughter!  I can’t wait to share it all with you!

But…first a little rest. I’m going to take a week’s vacation from blogging, but don’t forget me!  I’ll be back next week with recipes, ideas, and pictures of what I’ve been up to!  If you’re not following my blog yet, you could hit “follow” and you’ll get an email when the next post is up.  My mind will keep coming here this week, but I’ll resist the urge to write and save it for seven days from now.

I pray you’re having a great day.  Stay refreshed, and I’ll see you next Monday!


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6 thoughts on “Taking a Week Off

  1. Denise, praying you and Pastor C have an enjoyable, relaxing, blessed vacation. No-one deserves it more than the two of you. We’ll miss you, but we’ll survive until you return next week. Have fun. Love you both, Phyllis


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