Make Time to Refresh Yourself

After time, doors need oiling, shoes need polishing, cars need refueling, pantries need restocking and

women need refreshing!

You’ve probably already accomplished much this week – perhaps taking care of children, encouraging your husband during a difficult time, mentoring a younger woman, washing 100 loads of laundry (or it seemed like it!), cooking meals, encouraging a friend and dealing with your own needs – physical, emotional and spiritual.  That can be draining day after day.
This would be a good day to find time to refresh yourself, and there are lots of ways to do that.  It doesn’t have to take the whole day, but just a part of it, or part of the evening to do something that will get you ready to face tomorrow.
quilt 2
 Is there something that you love to do, but you’ve stuffed it away, waiting for time to get to do it?  Is it a
  • scrapbook
  • a quilt
  • a painting
  • a garden
  • a plan to walk
  • a craft
  • a decorating idea you want to do in your home?How about just a simple thing like
  • polishing your nails
  • sitting out on the swing outside with a glass of tea?

Take time today to do it – or make plans for it in the next day or two. Women don’t often allow themselves the time to do something just for themselves, but taking the opportunity to do something you love will refresh your heart and help you be ready to give to your family again.  It will benefit you and your family!

What would you love to have time for?  Pray and ask the Lord how and when, and then do it!

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