Talk To Yourself


It is so easy for me to let my thoughts run ahead of myself and the situation I’m in and begin to think unbiblical thoughts. I think this must be a pretty common thing because I’m seeing this over and over as I read through the book of Genesis.

Just this morning I read about Jacob being told by the Lord to return to the land of his fathers and then God gives Jacob this promise in Genesis 31:3 “I will be with thee.” You’d think that would comfort Jacob and relieve his worries. Now granted, Jacob had dealt a dirty blow to his brother Esau twenty years before, and Esau had wanted to kill his brother at that time, but Jacob had God’s promise! However, as Jacob and all his entourage near home, Jacob separates his family into two groups so that if Esau killed the first band of…

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2 thoughts on “Talk To Yourself

  1. I am so guilty of letting thoughts run in my mind and it always causes problems. Thank you for the post today. It was much needed.


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