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Secrets In My Kitchen

Everyone has their little ways of doing things in the kitchen.  I have a few odd things – either things in my kitchen drawers, or in the placement of my things.  Welcome into my home – come see my kitchen secrets.


What strange item do you keep in the kitchen and why?

From my country home,

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8 thoughts on “Secrets In My Kitchen

    1. Thank you – you’ve encouraged me. It’s hard for me to hit, “publish” on these videos! But I’m so happy when it gives someone an idea, encouragement, or just a smile!


  1. You know I LOVE your videos. 🙂 You’re so smart to keep lipstick in the kitchen! I have a brush that’s actually for cleaning baby bottles, but I use it to clean the straws in our water bottles and smoothie to-go cups. That’s probably one of the odder things in my kitchen drawers!


  2. You are such a beautiful godly woman. I love your blog…your spiritual encouragement and homemaking helps. God bless you, Denise 🙂


    1. You are so very kind, Jenny; thank you. I’m glad you find my blog helpful in your Christian walk. Pray that God will always be glorified. That’s my heart’s desire. Thank you for taking your time to read, watch and comment! ❤


  3. Loved this! ❤ Your home is such a special place to visit, both in person and through your “virtual visits”! (P.S. I loved the sweater you’re wearing in the video too! 😊)


    1. Thanks, Kellie. My home is best when others are here to share it! You add to the beauty of my home every time you visit! Thanks for the comment about my sweater. It’s really comfey and I love that it has short sleeves – it doesn’t make my world too hot!! =)


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