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Holiday Ideas Begin Now!

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For years I have fallen into a pattern of digging out my Christmas idea books when I decorate for Christmas – usually the first week of December.  The problem with that is that there’s just not enough time then to cull through all the great ideas inside and actually do some of those super-creative projects!

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This year, I got my favorite book out when I pulled out my fall decor.  I’ve been going through its pages and gathering ideas.  It’s full of wonderful decor tips, centerpieces, gift ideas and recipes!  Now maybe you don’t have a book like this – or you’re thinking you’ll just use Pinterest (which is a great resource!), but my encouragement about using books like these is that they also have patterns!  There are step-by-step directions and pages to help you actually pull these ideas off!

If you don’t own a book like this, your library is full of them! Go find one and check it out! I just wanted to encourage you to be thinking NOW about what creative schemes you might want to implement this Christmas.

Now is also the time to create calendars or greeting cards from your great pictures.  You might also make sure that you upload pictures now to the sites where you’ll make that calendar or greeting card.  Order that cool idea for your son-in-law, find the materials needed to make that beautiful wreath or begin making that special gift.

Supplies don’t last forever at Hobby Lobby (I found out the hard way last year!), and your time will run short.  So get a great book, or pull out your Pinterest board where you’ve been saving wonderful ideas and start working on the list of things that need to be done before December gets here.  We’re not rushing Christmas, we’re preparing ahead of time!

Easy DIY Christmas Card Craft

Refresh your Christmas by getting yourself in gear for accomplishing those creative plans you want to do!

Do you love looking through Christmas idea books like I do?

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9 thoughts on “Holiday Ideas Begin Now!

  1. We were on the same wavelength today! 🙂

    I keep a folder with pages I’ve pulled from magazines, and I also have a stack of old Victoria magazines I flip through before decorating. This year I’ve also started saving Instagram pictures that inspire me and referencing them as I plan my seasonal decor. 🙂


  2. Great post. I am getting a lot of ideas for Christmas crafting from Youtube. Now, that you mentioned it, I need to go check out my Pinterest board and look at the pins I have saved long ago. Have a blessed day.


  3. Oh, do I ever love looking through Christmas books!!!! I have quite a huge collection … all of the Gooseberry Patch Christmas volumes put together by Leisure Arts, many of these bought for only a few dollars on Thriftbooks.

    I happened to be going through my email inbox and came upon this post of yours which I had never previously read. And I am going to pull out a Christmas book ASAP!


      1. I’m sure I will! It pretty much never fails that I find some wonderful ideas in those books. I’ve made many gifts as well as decorative items and recipes, and I’m always pleased with the results.


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