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Simplifying Christmas

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Some years my Christmas prep and decorations are over the top. Everything is decorated!

Every room,

every inch,

every tree.

But then there are other years when I have to give myself a little chance to relax the decor and the time I put into getting my home into the holiday spirit.

This is one of those years.  We have had a very busy schedule.  We’ll be out of town some days, and we have events in the calendar that are going to fill the time from morning to night.  I also headed up a big event at church that took me away from home a good bit in order to prepare.

So, I decided this was a year to simplify .  If you walked into my house it would look like Christmas, even though there’s no tree up.  I have put touches of decor here and there over most of the house.  But to find time to do the tree, just wasn’t going to happen.  My baking has been scaled down, too, and instead of having tons of goodies on hand, I’ll prepare what I need just before the event.

This simplifying has been so helpful, but to be honest, I had to come to grips with it!  Can we say Guilt?  Wondering if my family would wonder what’s wrong with me was one thought.  But when I stopped to realize that I need to do what will help me focus on the most important part – the birth of Christ, I understood that it really is okay, and I knew my family would be good with it, too.

A less stressed me is better than a tree!

It’s a small sacrifice, really, but it has helped me to be able to do other things, and I look forward to the rest of this month and will be able to celebrate just as heartily without the evergreen standing in my family room!

Don’t get caught up in what you feel obligated to do.  If you need to simplify your prep this year, it may possibly be the best gift you can give to your family!

I posted a video last year about other ways to simplify Christmas.  I hope it will give you some ideas to help you make the most of these special days as we treasure the wonder of Christ coming to earth to die for our sins.

How about you?  Do you need to let go of some of your own set expectations?  You’ll be surprised how that will lighten your load and help you to focus on Christ this Christmas!

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10 thoughts on “Simplifying Christmas

  1. I so enjoy and look forward to each day to see what you will be sharing. I was curious, would you be able to share your skin care routine and products?


      1. I’m so glad to hear that. I have been using the Mary Kay products the past couple years. I couldn’t seem to stay with a product before and then someone I know started selling it. I know you mentioned loreal, have you used the mk moisturizer?


  2. We had to move furniture around & just don’t have room to put up even our small tree. I found a little Charlie Brown tree for a steal on Black Friday & that is our tree this year. Thankfully the boys love it as much as I do! And I’m not stressed over how we’re going to fit one more thing in the living room.


  3. There isn’t a tree our house yet. I have overbooked myself with promises that I would do this or that for other people. Just yesterday I made three batches of sugar cookies for the kids and youth at Church to decorate at their parties.
    I remember last year I only put up the tree and a few other things. It was nice and simple.
    By the way, I like your simple but elegant centerpiece.


  4. Thank you for this reminder, I needed this. Because of my health, I’m not really able to do much decorating at all. My 16 yr old son went in the woods and found us a 2 ft Charlie Brown Tree, put it in a vase, with one strand of lights, and it is sitting on our end table, and we all love it. I’m thankful that we can still worship and still celebrate His birth without a traditional tree. Thankful for our Emmanuel, “God with Us”.


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