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My View…the Flu

wp-1516908747414190317342.jpgAn absolutely wonderful week  took a turn  yesterday  when I got hit with the stomach flu. Today has me staring from my bed at Ginger Ale and crackers sitting on the bedside table.

While it’s not my preference to be sick, I’m striving to fill my heart with God’s Word via the audio Bible app, as well as podcasts of sermons or biblical teaching while I rest. Not because I’m so saintly, but because of the word I’ve chosen for 2018…


We are bombarded on every side with the world and its views and it can make us cynical or even depressed! I’m choosing to SATURATE my heart and life with God’s Truth so I can think, act and respond in a biblical manner instead.  I obviously can’t do that without His Word. So along with my morning study  in God’s Word, I’m using moments throughout the day to put Truth in my heart. I’m reading, listening, memorizing and reviewing. Its been such a blessing!

I’ve heard some great things during the last two days of sickness! It would be great if I could look back on the stomach flu and think on all I learned, instead of just remembering ginger ale and crackers!😏 I believe SATURATION will help!

How are you saturating your heart with Truth today? It’s the only thing that will refresh your heart forever!

Have a great weekend, and stay well!!❤



18 thoughts on “My View…the Flu

  1. Working on some prayer notebooks for my kiddos. Thanks so much. Praying God uses these and the kids experience God in real way through growth in their relationship and answered prayers!!

    Love, Christy Sent from my iPhone



    1. Christy, I love the idea of a prayer notebook for your kids. I have seriously been thinking about doing this for my granddaughter. Any ideas you would like to share with me would be wonderful.

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  2. Oh no! Bless your heart! Prayers for a speedy recovery. Love that you’re taking advantage of the time in bed to listen to God and draw closer to Him.


  3. Just wanted to,share a special,verse to me. In 1 Kings 8:12, “Then spake Solomon, The LORD said that he would dwell in the thick darkness.” This has meant much to me for those who suffer depression or dark times. Jesus, the Light of the world, dwells in the thick darkness as well as in the praises of His people. There are more places where He shares this.,


  4. Hope you feel better soon! 💐 I’ve been trying to be more purposeful with my time. While I’m getting ready, driving, washing dishes, or cleaning I am listening to podcasts, preaching/teaching, or godly music. It has really helped me stay focused.


  5. I am sorry to hear that your are not feeling well. Today is Sunday and that means a busy day for me. First I pick my mama up and take her to her Church and then I meet my husband at our Church for the 9:00 service. At 10:30 I teach Sunday School to kids K-2nd. At 2:00 I volunteer to help the ladies play Bunco where my mama lives…..mostly bring prizes and keep score. When I get home from there I pretty much saturate myself with Sabbath rest. 🙂


  6. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick, but hopefully you’re on the other side of it by now. It’s encouraging to see that you used even your down time to continue to saturate yourself with God’s Word. I also love what Joyce shared above, about God dwelling in the thick darkness. I want to take a look through Scripture to see where God says He dwells – that’s something that would be a big encouragement and increase the realization of His presence!


    1. Thanks, Susan. I am feeling better now! You know since Joyce shared that verse about darkness I’ve found a couple more in my Bible reading this week. I think I’m going to have to do some digging into this subject, too! What a joy that God is there in our dark, discouraging days!


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