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The One Thing Technology Cannot Do

bedroom seat

Sunday afternoon my husband came into the room where I was seated and handed me the Parade Magazine from the Sunday paper.

“Here’s the invention that will answer many church go-er’s prayers!”

It was this…

crock pot


It’s a WiFi-Enabled Slow Cooker!  Now if you’re in church and the preacher is going a little longer than you’d anticipated and the pot roast you put in the crock pot is going to be ruined, you can change the setting or stop the cooking process to ensure you will not be having a burnt sacrifice for Sunday dinner!

“We’re living in the day of the Jetson’s, Hon!” my husband touted as he made his way out of the room.

It’s unbelievable, isn’t it when you think about all the things technology can do?! A camera in the fridge can let me know if I need more milk.  Alexa, is ready at our beck and call to turn on the coffee maker, adjust the heat in the house, update us on the weather, or play a game of Twenty Questions! The robotic vacuum keeps the house clean, and any number of apps on our phones can handle every other detail of our lives!

Well, almost…

Since I’d had the stomach flu over the weekend, I missed church on Sunday.  But again, due to the blessing of  technology, I could “sit in” on our live-streamed service via Facebook!  I had my Bible, notebook, and cup of hot tea all set while I sat comfortably in a chair in my bedroom.  I got to listen to the sermon, and almost felt as though I was right there, except there was one huge piece of the picture that was missing –

all the other members of the Body.

I was alone.  I could pray when they prayed, and even say, “amen,” and listen while my husband preached, but

  • To whom would I turn afterwards and greet, and ask how I might pray with them?
  • What visitor would I meet and welcome there and show them where to find a small group to join?
  • How could I notice one who was missing from our normal gathering of members whom I might reach out to and check on this week?
  • How could I invite guests to come home and fellowship with us?
  • How could I use my spiritual gifts here with just my black and white cat sleeping soundly at my feet?

Technology might bring the church service to me, but technology can never replace the Church.  In fact, nothing can.  It’s God’s tool in this dispensation for accomplishing His redemptive work!

We miss so much when we’re not there.  For many that can’t attend church due to chronic illness, this is a great blessing, and I’m thankful that genius people can provide such a tool for them.  But I also know this – When I am able to go, I need to take advantage of it.  I need my Church and it needs me.

Technology can never replace my church!

Are you plugged into a local body where you can grow, be discipled, use your gifts, serve, encourage, pray and bless others?  If you’re a believer, it’s  your blessing to enjoy all that and more! 


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7 thoughts on “The One Thing Technology Cannot Do

  1. You are such a blessing, Denise! Every time I stop by here…I learn something new (truly, who could have thought of a Wifi enabled crock pot!??!) and I am encouraged. And sometimes rebuked (like today) but it all is a blessing. I hope that you are feeling better – and that you will be able to join your church family tomorrow evening! What a gift our church family should be!!


    1. Well, I’m glad you’re encouraged and even rebuked sometimes when you read. =) I feel that way often, and that’s a good thing. Now…following up with obedience is even better!


  2. I hope you are feeling better by now, Denise.
    There is no other way to start your week but to get out that door and head to Church so you can worship with your Church family. At our first service we have two greeters, Fran and Elsa. They are the best………always there to share a hug and a kiss on the cheek. In fact, at our Church we are known for hugging. Who wouldn’t want to be welcomed like that?
    I teach Sunday School to kids K-2nd. This is the highlight of my week. To share Bible stories with these precious little ones and tell them that God loves them always, no matter what. And to kind of quote you….”.I NEED these kids as much as they need me”.
    Take care of yourself and stay healthy. xoxoxoxo’s


    1. I’m back in full swing, thank the Lord!
      Those little ones are so precious and fun to teach, aren’t they?! You’re making a difference in their lives.
      We all need an embrace and a welcome from people who care! Hugs to you, friend!


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