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Spring Cleaning Tips


Okay, you may still be looking at white, fluffy snow outside your window, but you know that spring is around the corner somewhere!  Why not use this time while you have little desire to go outside to get the spring cleaning taken care of?  That way when it’s pretty you won’t feel so bad about leaving the house!  Here are some of my favorite tips for getting things cleaned up after a long winter.

  1. Use dryer sheets to clean baseboards and lampshades.  They repel the dust and keep them from getting dusty as quickly!
  2. Magic erasers work wonders on more than crayon on the wall.  Use it to lift marks from suitcases.  Wipe down the light switches.  They are also great for things like the Stand mixer, toaster or areas that might have accumulated stickiness from grease.
  3. Clean out the screen above the stove hood.  It’s hidden so it’s often forgotten.  Stick it in a sink full of Dawn and let it soak before giving it a good scrub.
  4. Work from top to bottom.  Be sure to hit the fan blades with a long-handled Swiffer.
  5. Wipe light bulbs that have been turned off for a while.
  6. Use a damp cloth on lamp shades.
  7. Use a damp cloth and go next to the baseboards and remove the lint and dust  on the carpet that is too close to the baseboards for the vacuum to get.
  8. Wipe down inside kitchen drawers. (Where do those crumbs come from, anyway?!)
  9. Use a yardstick with a sock covering one end to slip under the stove and refrigerator to remove dust bunnies.
  10. Do the least liked job FIRST.

I’ve been tackling a little at a time over the last month.  Funny thing, now it feels like I need to start all over again!!  But that’s how it is with housework, right?!

What would you say is your least favorite thing to clean?

Refreshing our homes for spring is a great feeling.  Burn a springy scented candle to make it smell even nicer!

5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Baseboards are my least favorite… … probably because I am getting older and its harder to get to them plus its hard on my knees…


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