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Win the Argument



My husband and I have been arguing again. You know how that goes. It’s over a topic we’ve discussed before – serving one another. The conversation went something like this:

Me – Let me do that for you.

Him – No, I already took care of it, but thank you.

Me – I can never seem to find a way to serve you: you always beat me to it! You do so much more for me than I do you.

Him – Hon, that’s not true! You do so much for me. Goodness, I couldn’t do what I do on a day without you!

Okay, it wasn’t a mean kind of argument, but it truly is a debate we have often. He’s such a servant to me that it’s really hard to find a way to out-do him!

This serving one another in our marriage isn’t a competition thing, it’s a love thing. You see, true love serves. I Corinthians 13:4 – love vaunteth not itself. Or it doesn’t seek its own desires but that of others. It is kind. Wow, this describes my husband. Want to know how you can better serve your spouse? Here’s what mine does –

  • If he’s the last one to get up, he makes the bed.
  • If he hears the dryer turn off, he removes the laundry and folds it.
  • When he sees a sink full of dishes while cooking or baking, he washes them.
  • He turns down the sheets at night if he goes to bed first.
  • He brings me morning coffee.

I could go on and on. See how hard it would be to out-do him??

We could take some tips from him by just looking at what is around your spouse. Look for a need that needs fulfilling-

  • Clean laundry
  • A beverage refilled
  • A snack
  • Help with a chore
  • Encouragement
  • A load lifted from his shoulders that you could do – make an appointment for him, run an errand, etc.

See if you can “win the argument ” of being the greatest servant in your marriage!

Have a great weekend by serving well!

8 thoughts on “Win the Argument

  1. Hi, How are you? Enjoyed this post that I found today and had to chuckle because it reminds me of me and my love, but we are opposite. I sometimes have to leave something not done (which can be hard) so he has something to help with. Because he suffers from Fibromayalgia (to the point it hurts to use his hands). I want him to do what he can to help out which is important to him. I also enjoyed your recipe’s and look forward to reading more and hoping to try a few. I just saw that your husband also has a blog. I would be interested in reading or even having Mark read them too.


    1. Hello! Thank you for reading and for commenting today! How sweet of you to be thoughtful enough to leave something for your husband to do, especially with his condition. This will strike a special chord in his manhood and you’re a wise woman to See that need.
      I hope you will indeed try some of the recipes and also go over to my husband’s blog! He’s got some great articles!


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