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Celebrating Other Moms On Mother’s Day

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Now that we’re into the month of May, we have lots of different kinds of activities on our calendars.  One of those special days is Mother’s Day.  We all naturally think of our own mom and what we can do for her to let her know she’s appreciated and loved, which is wonderful, but I wanted to encourage you to also think of other women you could encourage on this day dedicated to mothers.

Single expectant moms – My small group at church has recently gotten involved with a home that reaches out to provide a home for single expectant women in a crisis pregnancy.  This ministry is called, Hope House. It is Christian based, and these folks are there to save life.  They do an amazing job at giving young unmarried moms a place to live while they’re expecting.  They encourage them in getting independent, finding a job, caring for their baby, and most importantly, trusting in Christ as their all in all.  It’s been a wonderful joy to volunteer and minister to some of these moms.

These young women are from other areas, so they are without family here.  Realizing that they don’t have anyone who will give them gifts on Mother’s Day, we decided to put together gift bags of items we think they would enjoy.  It could include things such as:

Gifts 1aa

  • Pretty pads of paper and a pen
  • Scented lotions and body gel
  • Make-up
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Sweet treats
  • A scarf
  • Devotional book for moms
  • Slippers

If you have a crisis pregnancy home like this in your area, why not contact them and see if there are any moms without family in the area to whom you could gift with items like these? Or perhaps you could get involved by volunteering your time there and reaching out to these young women.

Moms who have had any kind of loss this year – If you know someone who lost a baby or a child this year, Mother’s Day can be a tough day! A gift of remembrance or even a card stating that you remember their pain would mean the world to them. This might be a woman who miscarried, or even an woman whose adult child has died.

A spiritual mother – If an older woman has encouraged you and helped you in your walk with the Lord, why not let her know by sending her a card?

Along with your own mother, refresh the hearts of some other moms this Mother’s Day.



3 thoughts on “Celebrating Other Moms On Mother’s Day

  1. Oh my goodness, Denise, it really is a small, small world. When you said your small group made gift bags for Hope House I couldn’t believe my eyes. The founder of Hope House Is from Washington State. We are very good friends with his brother. His niece attends our Church. Shantel, the Residential Director was a member of our Church until she moved to Tennessee to work at Hope House. Our Church helped support her for a few years after she moved away. I am glad to hear that they are still there helping these young moms.

    I think the gift bags your group put together are going to be very much appreciated. Doesn’t it feel good to do something nice for people we don’t even know?


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