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Refresh Yourself by Taking Time to Slow Down

Have you ever gotten to the end of summer and said, “We never went swimming this summer!” Or, “We never made homemade ice cream!” There are so many fun things to do each season, but often we don’t stop and make plans to include the activities we love and then we miss out on those little pleasures that enrich our lives. Why don’t we slow down long enough to enjoy our days?

  • We feel guilty because there are other “more important” things to do.
  • We waste time on non-essentials, like social media or television.
  • We are rushing to finish other tasks because we haven’t managed our time well
  • We don’t consider what we could do!
  • We don’t make a plan to do what we love!

I’m guilty of all of the above! However, I’m really trying to be more intentional to slow down each day and do something just for the fun of it. I’ve found that when I do take

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Friday Favorites – Vacation Pics

Isn’t it amazing how fast vacation time flies by? I had an app on my phone that told me how many more days ’til vacation.  Then, woosh!  It’s done!   It’s also easy to forget everything that happened.  It’s for that reason that I try to journal each day I’m away.  I try to log what we did and what the highlights of the day were. I write down any fun places we discovered, any new restaurants we enjoyed and also special things that we shared as a couple in our day together. Then when I get home I can read back over my writings and can relive our time away!

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Celebrating Other Moms On Mother’s Day

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Now that we’re into the month of May, we have lots of different kinds of activities on our calendars.  One of those special days is Mother’s Day.  We all naturally think of our own mom and what we can do for her to let her know she’s appreciated and loved, which is wonderful, but I wanted to encourage you to also think of other women you could encourage on this day dedicated to mothers.

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