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Friday Favorites – Vacation Pics

Isn’t it amazing how fast vacation time flies by? I had an app on my phone that told me how many more days ’til vacation.  Then, woosh!  It’s done!   It’s also easy to forget everything that happened.  It’s for that reason that I try to journal each day I’m away.  I try to log what we did and what the highlights of the day were. I write down any fun places we discovered, any new restaurants we enjoyed and also special things that we shared as a couple in our day together. Then when I get home I can read back over my writings and can relive our time away!

Here’s a picture journal for you of a few highlights and favorite photos from our time away.

The Sun and Ocean…

Of course there was some really yummy food (and my handsome date!)


Gorgeous settings…

church a.jpg

Then time with our daughter and Son-in-law for Mother’s Day weekend…

Whitney truly spoiled me on Mother’s Day by fixing a fabulous brunch that we enjoyed following church.  From a green salad with fresh peaches and pecans, to Egg Strata, Honey Bun Scones (amazing!!), bacon, fresh fruit, and Hot Brown Pinwheels (Oh. My Word!) we had a restaurant-worthy meal!  She had the table fixed so pretty with very springy colors and textures.  It was a meal I’ve thought about all week!  Ever wish you could enjoy a meal all over again?  That’s how this one was!  You can go here to find all her recipes!  Our time with Whitney and her husband was a great way to end our vacation!

What was the highlight of your week?  I’d love to hear!

Stay refreshed by attending a Bible preaching church Sunday and get the most out of the whole day!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Vacation Pics

  1. Goodness, you are making me blush with your nice words about my brunch! Thanks for not mentioning how frazzled and annoyed I was with waiting for everything to cook. LOL. 🙂 So glad you got to enjoy a beach vacation AND that you ended it at my house! ❤

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  2. It looks like a lovely vacation, Denise. I follow your daughter’s channel so I know what a wonderful brunch she prepared for you. She always pays attention to every detail……just like her mama. I am making the Cinnamon Bun Scones today for a Sunday School event we are having tomorrow……Muffins for Moms.


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