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What the Preacher’s Wife Wore – Summer Outfits

Keeping with the Summertime Theme I started on the previous post, today I’m sharing five recent summertime outfits. I only share these because I like getting ideas from others, and I hope this will give  you a little inspiration!

For a recent Sunday, I wore a white eyelet dress I got several years ago. I love this dress and truly consider it a staple for my wardrobe.  I can wear flat sandals and a simple necklace to make this a very casual outfit.  For church on Sunday,  I added a turquoise belt and a necklace the same color. White slip-on heels finished off the white outfit.

summer outfits 1

Sometimes I wear that white dress with flat sandals and casual jewelry for a weekday outing.  Dresses like this are great for versatility!

White pants are a staple for summertime, too, aren’t they?! For a casual daytime outfit, I wore a light blue scoop neck t-shirt and put a thin white tank underneath to keep the top modest and comfortable. I hate to be tugging at the neckline all day. I added a necklace, bracelet and a pair of white ankle sandals. If I wanted to dress this up for an outing, I could wear a pair of dressier sandals with a wedge or heel.

summer outfits 4

I wear skirts often in the summer. I think they can be cooler than shorts, even. I have many for casual days, then there are some like the one below, that can be dressed up or down. I found this one at a consignment store this summer and love it because it’s so comfortable and versatile!

summer outfits 6
Kitty photo bomb!  I wore a I white tank top under this , too.

Outfit for Anniversary Date night –

summer outfits 3

A lacy dress that  a friend gave to me was perfect for our anniversary dinner out.  I added a pair of beige heel/sandals. If I had wanted to dress this up even more, I could have added a dressier necklace. The restaurant we went to was pretty casual, so I dressed it down a little by wearing a simple necklace and gold bracelet.

I dress for my husband.  Whether I go anywhere away from home or not, I try to wear what I know he’d like to see me wearing.  Also, it is possible to be cool and modest at the same time. Thin layers may add a little more “warmth,” but it’s worth the price to keep our integrity in tack!

What are your favorite staple pieces for summertime wear? How do you stay cool AND modest?

Oh, wait, Liza wanted to show off her summer coat…


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14 thoughts on “What the Preacher’s Wife Wore – Summer Outfits

  1. I love to wear light weight dresses in the summer. They do seem to be cooler than shorts. I am like you I dress for my husband as well. When I go out to town I try to look my best because I feel like I am representing my Savior and my husband in the way I dress. Plus it makes you feel good.


  2. So pretty – all your outfits. You mentioned the white tank and I think meant to give us a link. Where do you find them? Mine always wind up sliding down behind the outer top – defeating the purpose ! What am I doing wrong? Also, how do you distinguish between casual jewelry and more dressy jewelry ? What makes the difference?


    1. Thank you so much! I think the key to wearing a tank underneath something is making sure that it doesn’t scoop too deeply. I actually buy mine in the little girls department so that they fit me better. If it scoops too low, you could take it up at the shoulders, if possible! 😊 Another alternative would be to buy a Cami that has adjustable straps that you can bring up higher.
      Dressier jewelry would be pearls or things that have shimmery stones. Casual jewelry might be a pendant or a locket, or even a tassel necklace. Does this help?


      1. I have heard of some ladies simply wearing their tanks backwards. The back is generally a little higher. I haven’t tried this but it’s worth a try!


  3. You and your daughter are on the same page again…..styling for summer. Honestly, these blog posts and videos do encourage me to try harder to make myself more presentable when I am at home or go out. Coincidentally, I was reading your excerpt (Chapter 18) in The Extraordinary Woman yesterday…Proverbs 31:22 “.. she is clothed in fine linen and purple”. It was written very nicely. I have really enjoyed that book.


    1. Debbi, I’m glad these posts encourage you; it’s truly the only reason I post them. I feel very self conscious about hitting “publish,” but I only want to help women dress wisely, modestly and with a little creativity.
      Thanks for the sweet comment about my the book; I’ll pass it along to the compiler. 😊 Thanks for your encouragement, as always!


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