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Decorating Refresh

When other people step into our homes, they can see things that we cannot see.  We can grow accustomed to a pile here or a poorly placed piece of furniture. I recently had an old friend with me for a few days.  She happens to have a real eye for decorating.  She offered to give me some rearranging advice and I was thrilled to accept!  She noticed things that I had overlooked, and her eyes and her touch brought a refreshment to my living and dining room!

One major change was turning my desk to face towards the living room area, rather than away from it.  I assumed that the front of the desk wasn’t pretty, when the reality was that the side everyone could see was the unattractive part.  Here’s how it looks now:


Now when I’m sitting and working on my computer, I’m actually seeing the people in the room and the room itself.  I love it!

She created a few new vignettes:




We didn’t spend a dime, but I feel like everything downstairs got a nice refresh.  We removed some things from the walls.  We changed some art work from one wall to another.  She changed up the bookshelf.  Her work took about an hour and a half and it truly changed the way I feel when I step inside the house!

Would you spend $30 to get a little refreshment in your home?  For any friends near me, my friend, Amber is willing to be of assistance to you, too!  She did it as a way to thank us for staying here, but she’d do it for you at her $30/hour rate this fall.  Let me know if you’re interested and I can get you in touch with her!

But for anyone who just wants to freshen things up and not spend anything, find a friend who has an eye for decorating, invite her over and ask her to take an honest look at things and give you some ideas to try.  It might be just the little changes that you need to refresh your space!

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14 thoughts on “Decorating Refresh

  1. If she’d only come to Lexington! There are several rooms I need such decorating advice! Your home looks lovely!


    1. Thank you, Sharee. I love the changes she made. Sometimes just having another person look at your room really helps. Maybe you could find a friend to give you suggestions? However, I know how beautiful your home is! You could be the friend who helps others! =)


    1. Thanks, Whitney. I turned the desk once, but struggled with cords. She simplified that a little and suggested cord covers from Kirklands (which I need to purchase still). I love looking out to the living room, and I also still have a my lovely view out the window, too!


    1. It looks lovely, Denise. I have been thinking about asking a friend to help me refresh my living room but I think I will have to spend a few dollars to update some things starting with my ugly lamps. Thanks for sharing.


      1. Thank you! It’s funny you would mention your lamps, because I have been replacing mine recently! Sometimes you can even just swap out something in your house in a different place just to give a fresh look until you can afford something new. Happy refreshing!😊


  2. I love the look of your living room. I see some pieces I’ve never seen before, the big chair with back to the eating area, is it new?. The room looks divine and I love the color blue you chose.


    1. That’s a high compliment coming from my all-time favorite decorator and inspirer! Yes, I got that chair last year while walking through the clearance aisle of Sam’s Club of all places! I’m pretty sure it is a Broyhill. It’s the prettiest recliner I’ve ever seen! Dale is a happy guy!😁


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