From Panic to Poison to Prayer

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Now that September is here, we’re all thinking about fall’s upcoming blessings.  For me, that refers not as much to Pumpkin Spice, but to the events and activities that this season will bring – and there are lots of them!

A few weeks ago when I looked at the calendar’s “red marks,” indicating service opportunities and personal responsibilities, I could feel the panic button in my heart getting slapped on! That’s not a good thing.

A few days later I noticed some “bites” appearing on my skin.  Wow!  One here, now another there.  They were itching…like crazy!  Then after a couple days I realized that it wasn’t any insect that got me – it was Poison! As I had weeded the yard, poisonous weeds ( I think Sumac) had hidden so beautifully and then attached their itchy oils to my skin on my legs, arms, stomach and feet.  The topical cream I got last year for Poison Oak (you’d think I’d learn my lesson!) was tucked away into my bathroom vanity.  I was sure that would take care of it.  Wrong. A couple days later I found myself taking my doctor’s recently prescribed round of steroids – the only way I could guarantee its removal from my system.

After just the first day’s dosage, I was relieved of the welts’ painful itching.  However, the loss of the irritation also resulted in a loss of sleep!  Those steroid jokes are no joke!!!  I’ve been up very early in the mornings and sometimes even in the middle of the night, thanks to their energy-giving elements!

Many early mornings, unable to rest, I’ve slipped from my bed to my place of prayer.  In those night watches I have had the time to give to the Lord my anxious “panic modes.”  One morning I prayed,

Lord, I don’t want to be in panic mode over these events before me.  I want to be in prayer mode instead!

Those times have prayer have quieted my heart, reminded me of His presence and power, and given me a peace that everything will get done in God’s strength and not my own.

I’m now convinced that the poison and its effects have been a gift from the Lord to awaken me – not just from my sleep, but also from my dependence on myself.  I know my limitations! I want to have the expectations of my great, omnipotent God instead!

What do you find yourself panicking over today?  Remind yourself that you are powerless without the Lord’s intervention.  Instead of hitting the Panic Button, move yourself to Prayer!

The Lord hears the prayer of the righteous.
Proverbs 15:29b




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