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The Blessing of Creating a Home Work Schedule

work schedule

Work – too many people associate it as evil.  But to be able to work is really a blessing!

To have

  • something you own that needs to be cleaned
  • the health to get up and work

are two simple reasons to tell God thank you!

Work was created in the Garden of Eden before sin entered the picture.  God works.  We should work.  Our purpose is that it is ordained of God and we should do it for His glory.

There are LOTS of quotes about housework, like

Housework won’t kill you,
but why take the risk?


My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.

Those are cute and make us smile, but then we look around our home, and we realize that our rooms need more than a glance!

Recently while going through some old files in a folder I came across the home work schedule above that I’d copied years ago.  You can tell it’s antiquated by the jobs themselves, but there are still lots of needs that we have to stay on top of in order for our homes to maintain a reasonable amount of cleanliness.  Even though my old schedule is out of date, I do have a routine that I try to follow each week and also through the year. Here’s why I think it’s helpful to have a Home work schedule you can follow:

  1. A schedule keeps you on track.  If you always know that Wednesday is the day to clean out the fridge so you’ll have it ready for the groceries you’re bringing home on Thursday, you’re going to be a step ahead of the game.  Doing laundry faithfully on M,W, F will keep clothes in the closets and drawers, rather than the hamper. Uniforms, school clothes and athletic pieces will be on hand when they’re needed.
  2. A schedule helps you work in small time increments.  If it’s “dusting day” and you have a few minutes before you head out the door for an appointment, you can grab the dust rag and do a room or two before it’s time to drive away.  A floor might get swept, or a drawer in the fridge wiped out in those couple extra minutes while the dinner is finishing in the oven or before you head to bed.
  3. A schedule helps you keep each part of your home at a level you desire. It’s easy to forget to do those “not-so-frequent tasks” like wipe the baseboards, clean the lamps or wash the bedspread and mattress pad if you don’t have it down as a biannual chore.  Having it in a list for each spring and fall will be just the reminder you need.

I don’t print out a schedule, I have it written in the front of my weekly planner the tasks I do each day/month/biannually.  That way I don’t have another piece of paper, or a file on my computer I have to check.  It’s written right there in the book I use daily, and I can flip to it and start a job!

If you feel a little overwhelmed with your home’s current state, I’d really encourage you to begin some sort of schedule that works for you.  If finding one on the Internet and printing it off makes it easier, you’ll find lots of them!  Just get it to work with your needs and begin!

Refresh the cleanliness of your home with a schedule!



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