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Overflowing With Refreshment

I’ve recently shared on my blog that my church hosts a Ladies’ “retreat” of sorts every other year.  I called it a “Refresher” because that’s what I was praying it would be in our lives. Just last weekend we enjoyed that great refreshment in so many ways!  I thought you might enjoy getting a peek into our time together!

Spiritually, we were encouraged by Reba Bowman about what real, true joy is and that it is only found through the person of Jesus Christ.  What a sweet challenge we received to stop replacing temporary happiness for lasting joy. Happiness is the emotion I feel when I get a great deal at the store, my favorite ice cream for dessert, or a piece of good news in the mail.  Joy is what Christ gives – even in hard circumstances. What a life-changer that can be for all of us!!

I John 1:4 And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.

Our decorations were a casual Country Fair theme.  It was welcoming, homespun beauty.


We had some great laughs…






Delicious foods…




and sweet fellowship…

We also offered five different workshops the ladies could choose from.  They were led by lay-women and each one was such a blessing.  The leaders gave much time in preparation and it was evident by their content and their hearts.

This event took many people working for many hours, and how thankful I am for each one who helped! I’m also grateful for each one who came.  There were lots of visitors!  What a joy!

Thanks for attending virtually through this post!  Maybe next time you can attend in person!

Do you attend Ladies’ retreats?  What do you love most?

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5 thoughts on “Overflowing With Refreshment

  1. What a nice retreat you ladies hosted. I see by her comment Whitney attended but I think I see your other daughter in the pictures too. What a blessing to share this time with them. {Did I see Pastor Cunningham saying “hello” to a group of ladies?)

    Years ago I did go to retreats but had to give it up. Many times I ended up with a migraine either at the retreat or when I got home. The last time I went I got car sick. YUCK! But our Church ladies do have one every fall and I know they have a lovely time together.

    I appreciate you sharing the difference between happiness and joy. I think I am going to copy that for future reference.


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