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The Only Way To Have the Best Christmas Ever

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In just a few short days I will be hosting our family Christmas here at our home. I have plans, a freezer full of prepped food, and anticipation about our time together, but I’m remembering that things don’t always go as planned.

I remember the Christmas years ago, when I had prepared and planned for my parents, grandfather, sisters and their families to all spend Christmas with us.  However, a beautiful winter snow came and my sisters and their families had to turn around and head back home, due to slick roads.  Everyone’s plans changed.  They had pizza on Christmas Eve instead of the bounty I had prepared.  We had empty chairs and unopened gifts, but it was a lesson in accepting God’s plan instead of getting my own agenda accomplished.  It was a blessing that my parents and grandfather were able to make it and we ended up having a quiet, intimate time with them that would never have happened otherwise.

Things happen.  Plans change.

It’s for that reason that I am intentionally praying Psalm 62:5 over my Christmas plans ~

My soul, wait thou only upon God, for my expectation is from Him.

Wait on God.  He is my expectation.  Not…

  • My husband
  • My children
  • My sons-in-law
  • My parents
  • My presents
  • My food
  • My weather

In other words not my expectations. Not what I want.  Not what I think I must have for this to be a perfect Christmas.

As I’ve shared in my December videos, we must each keep our eyes on Christ and the reason He came if we’re to have peace this Christmas.  Nothing else will satisfy.  NOTHING.

No person, no meal, no gift, no situation.  Lifting our hands in surrender to what God sees best will give nothing but the best outcome.  If you and I sulk, demand, or pressure things into happening, I can assure you it will be a Christmas everyone will remember, but not in a positive way.

I think it might even be wise to be content with it being Jesus and me.  If anything else happens, like – family gets to come and join us, the weather “cooperates,” the meal turns out delicious, or I get a stellar gift, it will just be extra blessings that I wasn’t expecting.

Christmas is so often ruined by our unrealistic expectations.  Set your standard higher than that – make your expectation Christ and Him alone. 

You will not be disappointed.

I pray you’ll celebrate Christ – our Savior Who was born to die for you! Merry Christmas, dear readers!!

Have you ever had your Christmas plans change as I experienced?

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I’ll be taking a break from blogging next week, but will be back after the holidays!


14 thoughts on “The Only Way To Have the Best Christmas Ever

  1. I love this Christmas message! Family gatherings always seem to come with a long list of expectations with our extended family and I’m going to be remembering your words. I’ll find my joy in Christ 🙂


  2. Lovely post… a refreshing reminder to us not to count on the things of the world to bring us happiness. Our only true happiness comes from the Lord… Hallelujah! And Merry Christmas to you!


  3. Practically everything “went wrong” for us this Christmas. I prayed and waited on God. Gifts ordered still have not arrived. 911 calls. Waiting at hospital all day. No Christmas Dinner. No children. No granddaughter. Disagreements with siblings about care for our mother. I prayed and continue to wait for answers.


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