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Honey-Orange Yogurt


If I could eat any breakfast I wanted every single day, it would be French Toast.  However, I try to only eat something like that once a month or so! For health’s sake I try to eat yogurt regularly.  I’ve gotten to where I really do enjoy it, but it can get a little boring!  I’ve recently discovered a little way to spruce it up and make it absolutely delicious!  I might also add that not only is this super good, it’s more economical than purchasing the little flavored containers.

For several years I’ve been purchasing the large container of Dannon Greek Vanilla yogurt.

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Greek Vanilla Nonfat Yogurt

I add in some fresh berries and top it with a little granola and call it breakfast.  It’s good, but I recently found a way to make it special enough to even serve to guests when they visit!
Here’s all you need to do:

For the servings you need for that day…

  • Drain off any liquid from the yogurt then replace it with basically the same amount of orange juice.
  • If you have a fresh orange, zest a little of  peel into the yogurt as well to really perk up the orange taste.
  • Drizzle a little honey in and give it a good stir. 
  • Add any seasonal fruit such as blueberries, strawberries or blackberries.
  • Top with granola and enjoy! I’ve shared two of my favorite homemade granolas here, but if you are looking for a delicious granola to buy, this is a great one that I’ve found at Kroger.

I really enjoy this light breakfast and the addition of the orange juice makes it taste so fresh!  I hope you’ll refresh your ordinary yogurt breakfast with this simple addition!


What breakfast would you eat every day if you could?

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