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Fun Things Friday

Let me tell you about some roles I’ve been enjoying that have refreshed me and I pray also others.


I’m no professional, but I do enjoy it.  I was asked to redecorate my church’s foyer.  I had a budget and I had given myself the timeline of Easter when I wanted it complete.

I used several pieces of furniture we already had, but also purchased a few major pieces.  I wish I had a good before picture, but we got started placing things before I thought to snap a photo!  I have to say that before I bought anything, I prayed much that the Lord would guide me to the right furniture and accessories at a price we could afford.  He answered those prayers in amazing ways!

My husband’s desire was to have places conducive for discipleship.  In my mind that equates to seating and also tables where you can spread out Bibles and notebooks and a place to share a cup of coffee.  So let me show you what I did with the space.



The biggest piece of furniture I bought was the coffee bar above.  I got it on sale for less than half price! It was one of those pieces that when I saw it, I knew it was perfect for our needs.  It has lots of great storage and the surface is big enough for coffee pots, creamers, cups and what-not. The high table was already there, but I purchased the bar stools to go around it.


This high table and stools is also a charging table.  I love that!  It offers a view out the window, comfy seating and a place to chat over God’s Word.

The old pew is a piece of furniture we already had; all I added were the pillows.  I found those gorgeous pillow covers on clearance at Hobby Lobby marked from $20 to 4.99!


The love seat is another piece we already had.  I added the side tables, the rug and the ottoman.  I also changed out the art pieces and added all new/updated ones.  I tweaked that shelf decor after I snapped this picture, but you get the idea of what it looks like.

I was so happy to see people sitting in all those places last Sunday, filling the very purpose for which it was created.  I pray that many people will share God’s Word over a cup of coffee, and also that souls will be led to Christ in this newly decorated area!



I love hearing my twin grandsons yell, “Gigi!” At nearly 2 1/2, they are growing and changing so much! Their vocabulary is building and their physical abilities are also improving.  What an answer to prayer!

I got to keep one of the boys for about seven hours one day this week. We played…


had a Bible lesson complete with “fishing” activity, Bible story, Bible verse, songs, activity paper and a little craft.  Two-year-olds can learn!  By the time he went home, he was filling in words to his verse and could find and point to Peter then Jesus on his take-home card.


Oh, and when he got home, he promptly popped the fish’s glued-on Cheerio eye in his mouth!! =)  FYI – I got cast off Sunday school curriculum several years ago that was going to be thrown away and saved it back, just waiting for these “Gigi days!”



I try hard to make meal time just as special for the two of us as I did when our girls were living at home.  I find that planning ahead is truly what enables me to do that.  I look up new recipes (and always share them here!).  I look for healthy recipes for us, but also delicious ones so I can fix a variety of foods in new ways.  I want my husband to know I care enough about him to prepare good meals.  Whether it’s a picnic table, the kitchen table or the breakfast counter, it also creates time for us to sit at the table and talk. Mealtime is one way I express my love to my husband.

What roles do you fill that you’ve spent time on this week?
Would you ever decorate a space that wasn’t your own? 

I pray you’ll find time to be refreshed in God’s house this weekend.  I’m thankful that every Sunday is like Easter Sunday because Jesus lives! Why not go fill up a discipling chair in your church foyer and share time with someone else over an open Bible?  What better way to spend a Sunday?!

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8 thoughts on “Fun Things Friday

    1. Oh my! This comment was so sweet. You Decorated My Life is one of my favorite songs. Pastor Dale, would you call my husband and tell him that? 🙂


  1. Loved seeing the way you spend your time. I know you are a great Gigi. I am Nana to seven so a lot of our time is spent at their activities. Right now it is four weeks till school gets out, so my time right now as principal is getting through state testing, ending this school year and starting to prep for next year.


  2. The your Church foyer it beautiful, Denise. It looks so inviting and peaceful. Good job!

    What roles have I spent time on this week? It would take a book to write that answer. 🙂 I guess I will tell you about the most important ones. #1 Wife who cooks, does laundry and helps my husband outside with yard work. #2 Daughter who tries to spend some time with mother who has dementia.
    #3 I am a G-G also. #4 I teach children twice a week at our Church. Wednesday nights I teach at Pioneer Bible Club and Sunday morning I teach K-2 grade kids about the love of Jesus.

    If I could decorate a space that wasn’t my own? I would paint and redecorate my classroom at the Church. Years ago someone painted the walls REALLY bold and bright. It is supposed to look like a city with buildings, the sky and one wall is painted with two big kids sitting on it. It is too busy for me and I am dying to cover up those walls with some calming color of paint but I am afraid of hurting the feelings of the lady who painted the city on it. 😦

    Sorry, I guess I did almost write a book. LOL!


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