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How Am I Supposed To Get Everything Done?


The week before Easter was one of those overwhelming kind of weeks.  There was so much to do, so much to prepare for, so much to finish up – on top of all my normal daily routines.  I felt like I needed to jump out of bed and start to work in order to accomplish it all!  I wondered as perhaps you often do –

How am I supposed to get everything done and still have time in God’s Word?

That question truly drove me to my knees in prayer, because I knew there was no way that I could come up with a plan that would work.  Yes, I added one more “thing to do” by stopping at my chair to read God’s Word, then drop on my knees to talk to the Lord about my busy day/week. 

When I got up from my Quiet Place, I set to work.  I got dressed for they day, and prepared to head to the grocery store.  But when the key went into the ignition of my car, it wouldn’t start.  For once, I didn’t panic.  My mind immediately went to my prayer time when I said,

Lord, establish the work of my hands today. (Psalm 90:17). You direct my steps.  You guide my feet.

Now connecting my prayer to a dead battery was a must.  God knew my battery was dead.  God knew I needed to to get the store.  My husband was getting ready to leave in his car and offered to rearrange his morning to get me where I had planned to go.  I thanked him, but told him it was okay.  I believed the Lord was redirecting me.  He left and I stayed home and proceeded to set to work on other things that needed to be done at home. At the end of the day, I was amazed at what I had accomplished!  It was far more than I ever imagined would get done.  That was no thanks to me, but all praise to the Lord Who redirected my steps when I stopped long enough to acknowledge that He was in control of my day.  

I promise you that my response is not what I have always done!  So many times I’d get into a tizzy over changed or interrupted plans.  I would stew and fret, complain and murmur about not getting to do what I wanted.  I have learned the hard way and the sweet way the Lord teaches us, that:

  • His plans are far better than mine.  
  • I can trust Him with my day.
  • My day must be started with time in His Word and prayer. Otherwise, how will I be able to respond in a Christlike way? How will I know His will?  How can I hear His voice?  How can I have His Word in my heart to share with my family and friends?

You and I must make God’s Word a priority, not the last thing on the list just in case we have time.  Psalm 90:12 says,

 So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Wisdom welcomes God’s Word

Wisdom waits for God’s direction

Wisdom walks in God’s plan

Wisdom can also wink at God’s goodness!!! Later in the week my car battery got charged, and I could drive wherever I needed.  By the end of the week, everything had been accomplished that needed to be done!  I was also able to take a day trip with a group from church on Saturday!  God is so good.

What busy events are you worried about today?  Stop and spend time with the One Who holds your time in His hands.  Give Him your events, your calendar and your time.  When you get up from your knees, listen and move as He directs you.  You will accomplish the things that He cares about most, and it will be the most fulfilling way to spend your day!

Do you get stressed over your busy days? Will you stop and pray?

denise a

8 thoughts on “How Am I Supposed To Get Everything Done?

  1. What a helpful reminder to let God redirect our day as He sees fit!
    I can relate to your car story. A while back one of our cars was in the shop so there was one car left to be shared between my husband and me. He was concerned about leaving me at home without a car. I laughed and said, “Please, take the car so I can be stranded at home for a whole day and get things done!” 😁


  2. Always so much wisdom in your posts! Oh my – can I so quickly get in a tizzy…and I’m pretty sure a dead battery, when I’m off with a full to-do list, would do just the trick. What a wonderful testimony to see how God prepared your heart for even that change of plans…..and how His way always works out better:) Hope this week has been a bit calmer and back to schedule!


  3. I consider days I don’t have to leave the house a true gift. They come few and far between. Have a great week, Denise.


  4. Love this because it’s so true yet how often do I overlook God’s directives and wisdom?! When I don’t take time to seek God’s face and things don’t go my way, boy I’m not pleasant to be around sometimes and then have to go back and apologize for my attitudes, words, etc. This hit me in the heart; saving it to re-read and sharing it on FB in 2022.


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