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Three-Ingredient Buttermilk Biscuits


Apples of Gold Week 2 took place this week! (In case you missed it, you can find out what this cooking ministry is and check out the first week here.)

Oh my goodness, we’re having such a great time together!  This group of women really want to learn and they have such sweet spirits!  For this round of AOG, I decided to focus on a different type of bread each week.  This week we rolled out BISCUITS!! Continue reading “Three-Ingredient Buttermilk Biscuits”

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Using a Kitchen For the Glory of God


If there is a ministry I LOVE, it is Apples of Gold.  If you’re not familiar with it, let me explain with a short description:

It is a cooking/mentoring ministry based on Titus 2.

This ministry allows me to do what I love (cook and bake) where I love (in my kitchen) and to people I love (younger women).

Each session of Apples of Gold (AOG) lasts six weeks, meeting for three hours once a week. Continue reading “Using a Kitchen For the Glory of God”

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Books On My Tables

A wonderful book is a treasure.  I love to read, and I’m always on the search for a new author or title to check out. While there have been years when I was busy with homeschool that I didn’t get to read as much as I wanted, I pretty much always have a “book going.”

It only seems fair to share my treasures with you! So today I’m sharing three books that are sitting on my coffee tables that I’m currently reading and LOVING! They’re different enough that I can read all three at the same time.

Book 1a

Adorned – This is one of those books that every woman needs to read – and then reread at least every other year.  Titus 2 is the backdrop for all the teaching and instruction found here.  It’s practical, convicting, helpful and challenging.  She addresses both the older and younger women and ends each chapter with a list of questions for each.  My copy is covered in yellow highlights to help me remember these essential truths for my life as a woman who loves and desires to live for God.

For my girls’ birthdays this year, I gave them each two copies – one for themselves, and one to give to an older woman they could ask to go through it with them.  This book is best when shared with at least one friend.  Do your spiritual life and your female side a favor and read this!

book 3a

The Most Important Place on Earth – This book about the home was written by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s husband years before they were ever married.  His first wife died of cancer, and he and Nancy married nearly two years ago.  Robert is an excellent, compelling writer.  I have laughed out loud as he shared many tales from his own home life.  He wisely shares the ingredients needed to make our homes the most important place on the earth.

I got my copy from Amazon for less than a dollar.  There are updated versions that have a cover that’s current to today, but the message is one that will be relevant for all time.  I highly recommend this book, and am thankful that my sis recommended it to me! Thanks, Dianne!

Book 2a

The Cave, The Cabin and The Tattoo Man – This book also came from my sister, who has met the author, Tim Callahan, from Kentucky.  To read the title you might be surprised that I’m reading it, but the story is precious.  It’s a fiction book based on the author’s growing up years, which happen to be the same era in which I grew up.  Hence, the illustrations and pictures he paints take me back to my own childhood days.

This is the story of a little boy who stays with his grandparents during the summer months.  He helps them with the little grocery store they owned.  He fishes in their pond so well that he is the envy of all the grown men, and he gets himself into precarious situations during his free hours.

When I need a book to just take me away on a little vacation, this is the one I’m reading…for the second time.  This is a series, too, which is fun.  I love knowing there is one to follow!

I hope you’ll check into reading at least one of these suggestions.  They’re all worthy of your time, and in my opinion, much better value than anything television has to offer!  Autumn is nearly upon us, and aren’t fall and winter the best times to snuggle in somewhere comfy with a cup of coffee and read a compelling book?!

Do you have a treasured book you’re reading?  Please share in the comments!  I’ll need some new titles soon!

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Beauty, Bosom Friends, Baking and Bad Milk

Here’s a peek back at my week:

The unedited view I saw from my back porch…

I am blessed that all I do is step out my back door to see such beauty! I never tire of it!

My favorite picture of Liza from the week. I hope you can stand the cuteness!

wpid-wp-1439241007579.jpegWhere I’ve been…
Carter on Main in Elizabethton, TN.  Wow!  It’s beautiful in there!
We had a lunch date with dear friends we don’t get to see often. This was a good place to visit,
since it was quiet and such a lovely setting.
The food was very good, too!  I will definitely be returning!


What I’m loving…


The dear ladies standing with me here have become so very special to me during the weeks of our mentoring ministry.  Apples of Gold is a greater blessing to me every single week! It’s the joy of my heart to have my house full of these  mentors and the young women every Saturday!  We are having a blast, learning much and having the best kind of fellowship!  Only two more weeks remain, and I’m pretty sure we’re all sad at the thought!

What I’ve been baking…
In truth, this is only one item of many that I’ve baked in the past week, due to Apples of Gold
new neighbors, and company, but it’s one of the prettiest!
This is Southern Living’s Strawberry Sheet Cake.  I made the layered version last year,
but decided to simplify it this time around for the Apples of Gold group.
It was yummy!


The cake above almost met with disaster!  When I was making the icing during our cooking class, I opened the heavy cream that was purchased the night before (and had an expiration date of September), only to find MOLD on the top of the cream!  Ahhhh!  Thank the Lord, my husband was home and was able to run to the store and replace it with a fresh one! I had to  finish the icing just before we ate lunch, but it all worked out fine. Whew!  Cooking disasters do happen!  I think it’s a good lesson when these things take place during our cooking class.  My response to it is another lesson – Yikes!  That’s a scary thought!  But it is true!  If all else had failed, I would have just topped the cake with Cool whip and strawberries. We HAD to have that cake for dessert!  But it did all work out, and was a good lesson and memory for us all!

There’s my week!  What have you been up to? Anyone else have a near cooking disaster story?  I’d love to hear!

With love from my country porch,