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My Sticky Marriage

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I thought it was time for me to tell you some details about the “Sticky Marriage” that I’ve been in for nearly 38 years.

On that hot June day in 1981 when my husband and I stood before the congregation and pledged to love one another until death, the pastor (my father-in-law) read the Scriptures to us that are written in Genesis 2:24

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

From that day to this one, our names, our lives, our activities, our finances, our interests have been joined together. However there are days that I feel myself pulling away.  It could be for a sundry reasons…I don’t like something that has happened, I got hurt by something he said or did, or I’m simply not walking under the control of the Spirit of God!  This is not God’s plan.  God wants things in our marriage to remain “sticky!”

As a devotional I read recently said,

It’s like we are two pieces of duct tape, stuck together, corner to corner, edge to edge.  If you try to separate the two pieces of duct tape, you’re going to face an impossible task.  You can’t do it without destroying the tape.

That kind of bonding happened at our wedding.  We became one.  When a couple lives their marriage being “stuck together,” they are living out the beautiful picture of, “Two shall become one flesh.”  This happens when we:

  • Consider our mate in our decisions.
  • Pray for him rather than criticize him.
  • Take into account how we can best serve him.
  • Remain tender towards his hardships and difficulties.
  • Love him before (greater than) our children.
  • Forgive sins he commits against me with the same love of Christ that forgives me!

But we will be destroying the union of our Oneness when we pull away by:

  • Doing our own thing; making our own plans.
  • Living our life as if he didn’t exist.
  • Acting indifferent and cold.
  • Tearing him apart in our thoughts and words.
  • Being uncaring about his trials and hardships; not offering support and encouragement.
  • Put him last in our relationships.
  • Hold onto bitterness, rather than forgiving him.

Being stuck together in a sticky marital mess is a wonderful blessing that we each need to continue to pursue daily!

What could you do today to make your marriage a little more “sticky?”

Refresh your marriage by keeping it sticky!

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2 thoughts on “My Sticky Marriage

  1. Hi Denise –

    I have a friend who takes her children, individually, on a weekend away when they become teenagers. She uses a similar illustration with duct tape…becoming one etc to explain to them the importance of purity, etc. I thought it was a very clear picture but, truthfully, only saw its application for those before marriage (because of her story). How well it applies to us ladies who have been married for decades. The need to remain one…to feel the stickiness when we pull away emotionally, etc. So practical! As are all your posts – I always enjoy stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend ahead!!


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