How I Know You Can Come To Jesus


I just recently saw an article stating that people attending church in America is down 20%.  That’s pretty startling.  It gave a number of reasons why that is true, but you know,the whole issue of utmost importance isn’t whether or not a person comes to church, but whether or not they come to Jesus.  

Eternal life in heaven isn’t dependent on going to church; it is based on whether a person has received Christ as their personal Savior.  It’s about a relationship, not religion.

But perhaps you don’t think you are able to come to Jesus based on your past.  This week as I was reading my Bible, I read two accounts of women who could have wondered if they were just too bad to come to Christ.  Those women are Rahab the harlot and the Samaritan woman.   After reading their stories again, I wrote this list to remind us that anyone can receive Jesus.

  • Your background isn’t too bad. These women were adulteresses.
  • It isn’t too late to come to Christ. These were grown women.
  • Your sin isn’t unforgivable.  Christ forgave these women of all their sins.
  • Jesus is seeking for you. Christ came to save the lost – not righteous people.
  • Jesus knows all about you.  These women’s sins weren’t a secret to God.
  • Jesus can redeem you. He paid the price for everyone’s sin – even public sins.
  • Jesus can give you a new life.  These women were totally changed after encountering Christ.  It’s not up to you – He will make the transformation!

What’s your excuse for not receiving Christ as your Savior?  If you’re not a believer, can I encourage you to read the stories that are linked in this post and consider the Truth that Christ loves you and wants to have a relationship with you, just as He did with Rahab and the Samaritan woman?  I know He is seeking for you…that may even by why He brought you this way to read this post!

You can go here to read more about coming to Christ.  Don’t make excuses.  Come to Jesus.

denise a

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