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The Top Ten Things I Always Do On My Beach Vacation


My husband and I returned earlier this week from a two-week vacation! Oh, how blessed we were to spend both of those weeks at the beach.  This time of year is our favorite time to go because

  • It’s not as crowded
  • It’s not as hot

The first part of our vacation was spent at North Myrtle Beach.  We are blessed to be able to enjoy staying at the Wyndham there.  It’s so clean and it’s right on the beach!

I thought I’d share with you today the things I always do when we vacation at the ocean that makes it the best vacation (in my book)!

  1. I get up to watch the sunrise.  Yep, I get up early.  I usually sleep in one day, but every other day, I just have to watch the beauty of the sunrise that God paints in the sky! Here’s why…


2. I crawl back on the bed to enjoy the morning breeze. Because we try to get an ocean-front room, I will then go inside and prop up in bed with the windows open, a cup of coffee in hand, and enjoy my Bible reading with the beauty of the new day in my view!


3. I take long walks on the beach early in the day.  Before the beach gets full of activity, I enjoy walking and praying. It’s amazing how fast 3 miles goes by when you’re walking along the shoreline talking to the Lord Who created it!


4. I go prepared with supper ingredients ready to fix right after we arrive.  Later in the evening we go to the grocery and get the other grocery items we need, but I try to fix something simple like a BLT meal or tacos so we can unload and have supper before we have to head back out again.


5. I buy simple salads for lunches. When I go to Kroger, I look for these salads for an easy lunch to take to the pool each day.  Can you believe the price I paid for this?  We bought four at that price! They are delicious!


6. I usually cook about half of the supper meals in our condo. To keep the budget in check,  I make simple meals like this Hamburger Stack. However, I try to make things we love!  We eat well!!!


7. I take the time while sitting at the beach or pool to do what I love but don’t have time to do much of at home…read and draw.


8. Go to church.  When we go on vacation, we still seek out a place to worship on Sunday.  Taking a vacation from God is not on our agenda.  Because He is the center of our life, going to a new church and worshiping there is a true delight!  We visited Lakeside Baptist Church and enjoyed this young pastor’s service!


9. Eat where the locals go.  For the times we want to eat out, we like to ask the locals for suggestions! We love Golden Griddle for breakfast.  It’s not a fancy place, but it’s always packed and the food is so reasonable and super good!


10. Buy fish at the local fish market to make Barbecue Shrimp.  It’s our favorite seafood dish to make at home!


I hope you get some down-time this summer.  We are so grateful to our church for allowing us this time away.  We came home refreshed and ready for a busy ministry-filled summer!

Where do you love to go to rest and vacation?  The beach?  The mountains?  Disney?

Refresh yourself this weekend in your local church (and maybe at the beach!)!

denise a

4 thoughts on “The Top Ten Things I Always Do On My Beach Vacation

  1. Our very favorite place to go and refresh is a cabin on a small lake in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. There are loons … and glorious sunsets.

    I so enjoyed reading your vacation tips and I do some of the same things. Cook most meals in the cabin, though we do go out for breakfast a couple times during our stay. We go to church. We walk a lot. I do things like crafting and journaling that I don’t have as much time for at home. My hubby goes kayaking, which he rarely has time for at home.

    The longest time we have been able to spend at this cabin is 4 days. This fall we are celebrating our 45th anniversary and are going for an entire week!


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