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Time for Strawberries!


This is a  favorite season of mine – Strawberry Season!  I love Strawberries so much and I love to eat them plain, but I also love adding them to savory dishes as well as baked goods.  I thought I’d do a round-up of some of my favorite strawberry recipes to give you some ideas as to how to use your freshly picked berries!

Strawberries IN foods…

This Strawberry Lemonade Cake is from Southern Living and is over-the-top delicious!


strawberry cake
Strawberry Lemonade Cake

Strawberry Freezer Jam is my favorite kind of jam/jelly.  It goes with anything…peanut butter, hot biscuits, toast, or a even a bowl of ice cream! The link will show you my step-by-step instructions so you’re able to follow along and have your jam turn out pretty close to perfect!


A green salad with strawberries is a great chance from the standard tossed salad!  Add the Strawberries, pecans and some sweetened cheese like Honey Goat Cheese for a perfect summer salad.  I like to make a fruity vinaigrette for the dressing.


How about Strawberries ON food...

This fruity French Toast is so good with the berries added!


Grilled Chicken with Strawberry Salsa?  Oh yes!! This is summer grilling and eating at its finest!


I love having Strawberry Shortcake on a sweet biscuit.  This recipe that is lightened up makes great biscuits that make you feel good about adding that fresh whipping cream on top!

strawberrry shortcake1

Topping pudding cups, brownies or chocolate cake with strawberries is not only delicious, it makes the presentation so pretty!  I saw these recently in one of my favorite bakeries (Well-Bred in Asheville). Add a little whipped cream, a strawberry with the green stem still attached and maybe a blueberry or blackberry for added color.  Your dessert will look like it came from a fancy bakery!


One last one…Strawberry Pizza. You can add blueberries and blackberries…any other fruit you’d like.  But even just plain strawberry pizza is a super-good treat!


Do you go strawberry picking?  Or are you like me and you purchase them at a Strawberry Stand in your area?  What’s your favorite way to use the berries when you get them home?

I hope you’ll give one or more of these a try!

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5 thoughts on “Time for Strawberries!

  1. Oh my, these all look delicious! I am going to have to try some of these. The strawberry pizza and salad look especially yummy, but I might be tempted to try them all.

    Strawberry season won’t arrive here until late June or early July. My hubby and I do like to go and pick our own. Usually we freeze quite a few of them, but I bake with them too. And now I have some new recipes to try!


  2. Love this happy post! And that French toast looks scrumptious! We have a strawberry field down the road from us and I’ve been three times this season. As long as they’re producing, I keep going back. There’s nothing like eating a sun-warmed strawberry right off the plant. They announced today that their season is about to come to a close so, even though I have a freezer full of strawberries, I’ll be going back tomorrow for one last pick. 🍓


    1. I can just taste the “strawberries warmed by the sun!!” I had my own patch years ago and loved going out and gathering the berries each morning. Hope you’ll make the French Toast!

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