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Letting Him Lead On the Scenic Route

It was a typical Monday morning for me. The dryer was finishing up load number one while the washer was swishing the sudsy clothes of load number two. My mental list was clicking through the things I would accomplish on this early day in the week.

My husband walked in while I was drying my hair a bit later and asked the question that always means he has an idea…

What do you have planned for the day?”

He listened to my goals, then gave his suggestion that would give us each time to accomplish some work, but also squeeze in some fun, some adventure and time together. When he shared his idea for the day my reply was,

Let’s do it!

To my shame I admit that I don’t always do that, but the Lord reminded me that he is my leader and I needed to support what he had planned.

We headed out on a very rainy day and went to Kingsport to Hibbert-Davis Urban Brews where we ordered hot cups of coffee and seated ourselves at a table where we could work facing each other.  We were there for at least a couple of hours and were amazed at how much we both got accomplished!  It was great trying a new coffee shop – one of our favorite establishments to visit!


Now that our work was done, we could do a little browsing in a couple stores before going to dinner at a place we hadn’t eaten in a long time.  We ordered something we’d never ordered there.

We chatted.

I purposefully kept my phone buried in my purse. 

We laughed. 

We connected.

We call this Taking the Scenic Route in marriage.

Taking a date on the scenic route doesn’t mean you have to travel far and wide.   The term simply means to do something different.

Have a unique adventure. 

Get out of your rut.  

When your husband suggests an idea or comes up with a plan – go for it!  It might mean that you have to rearrange your scheduled plans, but it’s an effort that will only strengthen your marriage. It affirms him as the leader of your marriage and your willingness to submit to him.

As the head of our home, I know that Dale only wants what is best for us.  I can trust him as he leans in to what the Lord directs him to do.  That’s a safe place for me as a wife.

We came home from our date refreshed from the time we shared and the fun we had.  Oh, and the laundry was folded before I went to bed that night.

Are you ready to let your husband lead even if it changes your plans? Do you have a ready word on your tongue when he shares his ideas?  If you struggle, pray and ask God to help you – He will!  The result could also be the best date on the Scenic Route!

Refresh your marriage by saying, “Let’s do it!” Here are a few more ideas for your Scenic Route Dates!

denise a

4 thoughts on “Letting Him Lead On the Scenic Route

  1. I love this, Denise, and my hubby is very much like this as well. He still works full time (will be retiring from full time work in December, hallelujah!) but he comes up with the best ideas and I love to go along with them.

    But I’ve had a few ladies tell me that their husbands don’t initiate things like this. They sometimes feel as if they have to be the ones to come up with the ideas for fun, or maybe there won’t be any. What would you say to someone in this situation? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


    1. Sarah, my advice to women would be first of all, make it a matter of prayer that the Lord would steer her husband’s heart to initiate times like this. Also, she might ask her husband if he would be willing to come up with an idea one week and she came up with that idea the next.


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