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The Scenic Route – Game Edition

game night 1

Taking the scenic route in marriage is a choice to:

  • Do something different
  • Do things a different way
  • Be a little spontaneous
  • Have some fun

Just like you could choose to take a different route to work, church or the grocery store just to change things up, you can mark out a fresh path in your marriage by taking a new route! Taking the scenic route in marriage doesn’t necessarily have to take you far from home!

I’ve share several routes my husband and I have taken and fun things in the past, today I’m sharing a local scenic route date we had last month.

My husband called it “Game Night.”  This wasn’t a game night at the kitchen table with the Sorry cards and board, oh no!

My husband packed up several games and we headed out to dinner!  Our first stop was Chop House – a lovely restaurant with dim lighting and great food.  We sat down, ordered our food and while we waited, we played Take 4, similar to (but not quite like) Banana Grams.  We got our version from Family Fun Magazine and it allows for proper nouns and abbreviations.  My husband isn’t a fan of Scrabble, but these “eased-up” rules allow it to be far more fun!  We had our game going strong when the waitress brought our bread out.

game night 1

She was quite intrigued at what we were doing when we explained that this was our date night.  We moved things on the table to be thoughtful and not irritating to her as she brought things to the table, but you know, it made waiting for our food really fun!!

game night 4
My face is chopped off, but we were trying to get us and the Target sign!  #shortgirlprobs!

Our next stop on our date night was to shop for a new game.  So we finished our meal (and our game), and we headed to Target to look for a game to purchase. We found a table top Corn hole game!  It will make a picnic date another fun game night!

game night 5

Our last stop was Blackbird Bakery in Bristol that is open 24 hours!  It’s incredibly delicious and also a fun spot to visit! We each got a treat to enjoy…

game night 3Mine was a Raspberry Mousse in a chocolate tart and it was as good as it looks!

Then we pulled out another game that is relatively new to us – Tenzie, a fast-moving, fun game that 2 or a group could play!

Game night 6

To say that this was a fun night is an understatement!  We laughed, we talked, we had good food, we relaxed, and we created another wonderful memory on The Scenic Route!

You could add your twist to this date night and change it up even by staying home and cooking a great meal or baking a treat!  Just do it! Is this a date night you and your spouse could consider?

Refresh your marriage and take the scenic route,

denise a



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