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Follow Us On the Scenic Route!

Parkway 1a

My husband has an affinity for back roads.  He loves to find out where those side roads venture to and what is on the other side of the hill or mountain before us!

These back road trips are known as The Scenic Route.  You can’t imagine the beauty and fun we’ve found on those roads!  Bridges, old general stores, streams, historic homes, bakeries, coffee shops and quaint restaurants have been some of the spoil of our adventures.  Oh, the things we would have missed if we had stayed on the main highway!

My blog’s goal is to refresh you in your heart, home, and life.  It’s for that very reason that I’m starting this new series on my blog, Follow Us On the Scenic Route, that will be featured on occasional Friday’s following a trip on a back road.  Not only will you see all that we’ve gotten to enjoy, but you’ll also get the advantage of knowing where those special places are, should you be traveling in that area. It’s my hope, too, that if you’re married, these trips will strengthen your marriage as you travel and add some fun and spontaneity to your relationship.  Let’s buckle up and get started!!!

The scenic route in and around Richmond, Virginia 


Every good trip starts with Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee!  Dale and Denise are often found at Dunkin’ donuts so Whitney suggested we use the #DD@DD on Instagram so we can keep track of our journeys!

We had the blessing of speaking at a Couples’ Conference in Richmond,VA, so we had many fun days of travel and some great excursions!

  1. First was Hanover Baptist Church!  If you live in that area and need a good church, check it out! They love God’s Word, fellowship and seeing folks grow in Christ!
  2. On Saturday we headed to Carytown, Richmond, VA.  There are so many cute shops and places to eat along the streets!  It was a busy place full of lots to see!  My favorite store was Penzeys Spices! The spices are fresh, flavorful and unique!img_6867
  3. Our accommodations at Virginia Crossings Hotel were so beautiful!  It has an old feel, but it isn’t that old!img_6884
    There is a lovely restaurant on the grounds that had great food with a setting to match!
  4. We stopped in Charlottesville, VA and walked through the downtown street.  It was definitely worth seeing!
    Fredricksburg 1.jpg
    Bizou is one of the outside restaurants.  We had lunch here and really enjoyed it!img_6895
  5. On our way home, the scenic route took us to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Even though the colors aren’t really out yet, the views were breathtaking.  It takes longer to get home traveling the Scenic route, but it’s so worth it!  Take a look ~

  6. Peaks of Otter Lodge  is along the parkway and was a great place for supper.  The views were stunning, the staff was super friendly, and the food was delicious!  There aren’t lots of places to stop along the parkway, so this is a slice of heaven!

    Do yourself a favor and travel the scenic route on your next journey!


Psalm 37:23 The steps of a good of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and he delights in his way.

As Warren Wiersbe says, “The stops of a good man are also ordered by the Lord.”  This reminds us that interruptions in our life, trials and unexpected situations are directed by a sovereign God.  But another practical application would be to pray as you journey that God would direct the places you stop.  It may be at those locations you could share the love of Christ with someone!  We generally always pray and ask the Lord to direct us as we travel as to where we should stop.  God knows what is best!

While you’re at it, take the scenic route in your marriage.  Do something different.  Have an adventure.  Be spontaneous.  That could mean simply cooking supper together, taking a walk in the morning, sipping your morning coffee on the back porch together, or  inviting another couple over for games and pizza.  Your relationship needs the refreshment that the “scenic route” delivers!



10 thoughts on “Follow Us On the Scenic Route!

  1. I love this post, Denise. The scenic route has so much to offer…. now I need to find a way to entice my husband to try it! The Lord has many wondrous things to show us.


  2. I loved this post, Denise! My favorite picture is of that little waterfall. BEATUIFUL! I don’t care how long it takes I would rather take the back road instead of the highway.


  3. I enjoyed this post, especially because I live in the Richmond, Virginia area! We have lots to offer here! We wanted to get to the special conference at Hanover but I was out of town last weekend. Glad you enjoyed your stay here!


  4. Denise, this post was awesome! My parents always loved the scenic route too, and it rubbed off on me! My hubby is starting to appreciate it more, and I’m happy for that ; ) So many beautiful surprises on the “scenic route!”


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